UFC Fight Night 28 Bonuses: 50K To Teixeira, Hallmann, Natal & Troeng

UFC Fight Night 28 Bonuses: 50K To Teixeira, Hallmann, Natal & Troeng


In what was an awesome night of fights from Belo, Brazil, the UFC handed out bonuses of $50,000 (US) for Wednesday night’s FOX Fight Night 28 card. The bonuses were awarded to Glover Teixeira, Piotr Hallmann, Rafael Natal and Tor Troeng.

Glover Teixeira earned knock-out-of-the-night, for his 1rst round KO of Ryan Bader. In the fight, Teixeira had to survive a confident, mobile and aggressive Bader, who, at one point, seemed to have Teixeira in some serious trouble. Rocked and up against the fence, the two engaged in a slugging match and in the midst of it, Glover was able to land a nice one-two combination and Bader went down. With Ryan down and turtling-up, Teixeira was able to land the blows needed to have referee Herb Dean step-in and end the fight.  

Piotr Hallmann took home submission-of-the-night for his beautiful and nasty looking Kimura of Francisco Trinaldo. Trinaldo owned Hallman on the feet in the 1rst round, with heavy hands and even heavier leg kicks. However, Hallmann, who had been hurt early in the round by the punishment, somehow managed to survive. As the 2nd round broke, Hallmann seemed to be intent to get the fight to the ground, which he eventually did. In some truly beautiful Jiu-Jitsu, the two switch and rolled, exchanging positions, but Hallman finally got the better of Trinaldo and laced in a very nasty Kimura and Trinaldo was forced to tap.

Fight-of-the-night went to Rafael Natal and Tor Troeng for their 3 rounds of battle. Troeng put on a good showing for himself over the 15 minutes, but the story of the fight was really all Rafael Natal, as he dominated Troeng for the entire fight and took home a unanimous decision. Of this fight, two things can be said of these middleweights, Rafael Natal is a great fighter and Tor Troeng is a tough fighter with a very good chin. On that point, Troeng survived a big right in the 2nd that would probably have ended the night for most fighters.

*Gate and attendance were not released.

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