Fight Master: Cutts / Souza Delivers An Epic Fight

Fight Master: Cutts / Souza Delivers An Epic Fight


If you missed “Fight Master” on SPIKE last night, then you missed another solid episode of MMA entertainment

The show featured two elimination bouts, the first of which was between Evan Cutts & Cristiano Souza, with the second being between AJ Matthews & Eric Bradley.

Where the second fight (Mathews / Bradley) was a bit of a ho-hum affair, which saw Bradley securing a unanimous decision victory via 2 rounds of grappling dominance, the first match of the night was a tour-de-force demonstration of MMA heart and perseverance.

Evan Cutts is a small and physically unimpressive 170 pounder, who has limited stand-up skills, no power and seems to live on the hope of being able to get his opponent to the ground and submitting him.

Cristiano Souza on the other hand, is a beast of a man who looks like a welterweight version of Hector Lombard. He has very good stand-up, a lot of power and a good grappling game to go with it.

To look at the two fighters, one would surely think that the 30 year old Souza would simply crush the 21 year old Cutts and that would be the end of it. However and as we all know, things don’t always go according to plan.

Without telling you the exact outcome of the bout and ruining it for you, I’d simply say this, that had their fight been on a UFC card an in front of a large audience, the fans would have loved it. It would easily have been a FOTN candidate, as well as most likely delivering a second bonus to one of the fighters.  

If you enjoy a good epic battle with a brilliant finish, then you will probably love this fight.

The bout starts at the 2:20 mark of the video.


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  • David Saucier

    Awesome fight, Joe Warren is one hell of a coach.

    • Brian Cox

      It was an awesome fight, David. Again, I can only imagine what the crowd reaction would have been, had the match been in front of 15 thousand people.

      On another note, where Warren is a great coach, I thought Couture blew his job last night. When Souza hurt Cutts to the point of dropping him to the canvas, Randy should have been screaming at the guy to disengage and made Cutts stand up.

      He had him hurt, Cutts had nothing for him on the feet, yet buddy gassed and went to the ground like a fool. Souza could have easily won that fight, if he'd just relaxed, picked his shots better and made Cutts fight him on the feet.

      Oh well, it's a lesson learned.

  • enjoylife321

    one guy blasted himself out. Now we now why so many guys cruise to a decision victory and just point score.

    • Brian Cox

      Souza wasted a lot of energy on those wild bombs and then the size of the guy…those big heavy arms **** back a lot of fuel.

      Have to give it to Cutts for hanging in there and grabbing the submission. That was beautiful. The kid showed heart.

      Of course, if he runs into Joe Riggs on the show he's going to get smoked.

      • enjoylife321

        @Brian….It was so close to a finish. He will never sleep well again watching the replay. I agree, Riggs is looking in a different class. I did hear Randy yelling out to pick his shots…by the time he got back to the corner he was spent.

        • falcon4917

          I actually don't think Riggs looks any better than the other top seeds. I think his team mate will decision him and Franks guys might give him some trouble too. Again though Greg Jackson made himself even more annoying.

  • fightgame

    I think the show has great potential. I already like it better than the UFC version. Fighters picking coaches is a great idea, as it turns tables around. However, I believe that Fight Master will benefit if they show more of the training practice and in-house relations.

    • Brian Cox

      FG, I'm with you. I think it's a very interesting show; very cool.

      I don't know how much more training or anything else they can really show right now, as they are putting on 2 fights an episode. That with the commercials eats up a lot of time.

      In terms of practicing, I'd like to see a show that was half-an-hour of technical stuff only and no fight. 30 minutes of different coaches instructing viewers on how to do this or that move…how to practice, aspects of fighting strategy, tactics..whatever. I'd be down for that show.

    • falcon4917

      I like 2 fights per show way more than 1 cage fight and one food fight any day.

  • highkick12

    That fight was a lot like Carwin vs Lesnar.
    Not epic in my opinion but I like to reserve that work for more appropriate things.

  • Brian Cox

    Was it Sanchez / Guida? No. However, it had many of the components of a great fight and by Reality TV fight show standards, I think it was epic.

    Out of curiosity High, are you watching the series and if so, what do you think of it?