Fight Master Semi-Finals Over: Riggs & Bronzoulis Headed To Finale

Fight Master Semi-Finals Over: Riggs & Bronzoulis Headed To Finale


If you’ve been following “Fight Master” then you’ve probably seen some entertaining fights and watched a rather entertaining show. Last night saw the semi-finals of the tournament go off and with them two decent bouts.

First up were Joe “Diesel” Riggs (team Jackson) and Cole Williams (team Couture). Riggs is the hard luck veteran trying for one last shot at glory and Williams the relative new-comer to MMA. In the fight Diesel used his extensive ring experience to stem off Williams wrestling-based attack and win the fight by decision, but only after being forced to a 3rd and deciding round. All in all it was an entertaining bout, which saw Riggs win the 1rst, lose the second due to take-down (sans any damage) and win the third, by being able to control the round.

The second fight on the card featured Mike Bronzoulis (team Couture) and Eric Bradley (team Jackson). Bronzoulis is an emotional and passionate fighter, who can take a bout personally and has difficulty with wrestlers, while Bradley is a fighter who hails from a wrestling background and is trying to get his life back-on-track, after a bit of a troubled past. Bradley won the first round by taking Bronzoulis down, but beyond that he did no real damage. As the second round broke it was pretty much as the same, yet as the round neared its end Bronzoulis was able to begin to deliver some nasty punishment to Bradley’s back, inclusive of some questionable elbows, and with that Bradley turtled up and the referee stopped the fight, with 15 seconds remaining.

In watching both fights, as the rest of the fights this season, one thing is most certainly true, that Greg Jackson is a heck of a coach or at least a great corner-man. Throughout his fights Jackson never stops shouting out detailed instruction. He is forever telling his fighters what to do and what his opponent is either doing or about to do. I found him to be head-and-shoulders the best coach out of the four (Jackson, Couture, Shamrock and Warren) that were on Fight Master and it’s easy to see why so many fighters speak highly of him, as a coach.

Up next for Fight Master will be the finals between Riggs & Bronzoulis, which are set to take place September 7th at the Mohegan Sun Arena, in Connecticut and as available live on SPIKE TV.



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  • highkick12

    So do people still think this is better than TUF like its not a copy with minor adjustments and a cheaper budget?

    • matt1926

      So far 1 weak but you might get more….. I don't get it bro. I actually think this show is terrible and it's not even half as good as TUF. It's exactly what you said…..Lower budget and copying. IMO their format didn't even play out to a point where it made any sense. I'd be shocked if it came back next season unless Viacom wants to lose money.

  • Cpt. Paranoid

    In the sense that it is a tv show about mma fighters it's a copy. But in my opinion the concept is far better than the TUF, there is none of that BS drama going on in this show. Americans sure seem to like the drama in TUF though, I really don't need that. But since bellator went out and stated that this show would be about coaching and giving the audience a better understanding of mma, they failed. They should've gone deeper in to the different coaching styles of the coaches, shown how the fighters evolved and what they learned during the show and some techniques. Randy said Williams never has had a real coach before, it would have been great if bellator would have followed the evolution of a fighter like that.

    Since more and more kids are getting in to mma it would be great to have a show that really shows what it takes, not only in the cage, but at the gym and in every day life to be a top fighter. Neither TUF or fight master do that, but fight master has the better concept, let's hope they can improve on the realization for the next season. Or that TUF gets rid of that annoying drama and focus more on the time spent at the gym. If you compare the first season of TUF with Fight Master, Fight Master had the better fights, let's hope the finale comes near the Griffin vs Bonnar fight.

    • Brian Cox

      I'd agree with most of that, Captain.

      In terms of your criticisms, which are fair, the show is only 60 minutes long, minus commercials, so…maybe…40 minutes of actual show and within that they have 2 fights, many of which went the full 2 or even 3 rounds…with all of that, it becomes pretty difficult to show any of the the things that you speak about.

      What they should probably have and something I'd watch, sounds like you'd watch it to, would be a show that focused solely on the things / subjects you mentioned.

      In terms of TUF and drama, I don't see how they will be getting rid of that with the 2 coaches they brought in, plus the addition of women to the house. To me, it seems like they are chasing the drama.

      Upside of that is, this year the drama might actually be worth watching.

    • akieyugames

      Ya, I want more of the "coaching" and/or which "techniques" fits a certain fighter, that – they failed to show…but its better that the drama in TUF, in my opinion.