Fight Day: UFC 148 Pre-Fight Show (LIVE starting 6PM EST)

Fight Day: UFC 148 Pre-Fight Show (LIVE starting 6PM EST)


Fight Day is back, bigger and better than ever. Host Dave Farra will navigate you through all the news and drama surrounding the UFC 148 card and MMA experts John Morgan (MMAJunkie) and Larry Pepe (ProMMA Radio) will provide insight and analysis to prepare you for the big event. Correspondent Maggie Krol takes you on a tour of the UFC Fan Expo and checks in with Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen to get their final thoughts headed into the most anticipated rematch in UFC history. And as always, our expert panel will break down each one of the fights on the main card and give your their predictions as to who will take home the victory. Be sure and tune in at 6pm ET/ 3pmPT.

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  • enjoylife321

    Jon Anik is the most annoying host, does he know how to speak without the scripted tone in every interview…

    At least Ariel Helwani, dana white just talk normally in interviews…

  • jipariente8a

    I dont give a rat’s ass about Anderson, I just hope he losses so that Steven Segal goes away… he is more annoying than gurl on her period… jeeeeesus

  • michaelchimique

    funny because all im hearing from you is waaaaaah wwaaaaahhhhh blah blah. you sound like a girl on her period

  • cranestyle

    Are you kidding me? How do you not give that fight to Tibau? The Russian punched air. Cecil peoples must be judging…

  • codemaster

    The UFC 148 fans are idiots.

    Forest Griffin clearly won that fight–and they were booing him?