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Featherweight: The UFC’s Unsung Heroes


Recently the UFC’s 145 lb. division has risen towards the top of the promotion in terms of talent level. And it has done so with a relative air of sneakiness, to the point where it jumps out to me as arguably the hottest division in all of MMA. Several great fighters are the reason for the rise. Let’s take a look at how UFC featherweights have taken the MMA landscape by storm over the past year.

Obviously the rise begins at the top with dominant champion Jose Aldo. ‘Junior’ was maligned early on in his UFC career for losing some of the flash that made him such an instant star as champion in the WEC. He won a couple of lackluster decisions over Kenny Florian and Mark Hominick (lackluster for him at least), and the talk began that the WEC was an easier shooting range for Aldo.

But then he knocked Chad Mendes out with a highlight reel spinning knee, ran into the Brazilian crowd to celebrate with his countrymen, and the doubters were silenced. He went through a veritable soap opera of ups-and-downs during the summer of last year, eventually having his scheduled opponent Erik Koch withdraw only to find himself with a much more high-profile bout in the form of a February tilt against Frankie Edgar. He beat the former lightweight champ in a close bout, signaling his reign was here to stay.

Aldo is no doubt one of the best pound-for-pound fighters on the face of the earth today. But his division is now full of top-flight combatants as well. Mendes is on a tear since his one-sided loss to Aldo in early 2012, knocking opponents out left and right while seemingly hell bent on regaining a title shot. The Team Alpha Male product will face off with former lightweight standout Clay Guida at UFC 164. ‘The Carpenter’ recently decided to make his foray into the 145 lb. arena, further bolstering the roster and adding more unpredictability.

Erik Koch will fight Dustin Poirier on that same card, and while those two have seen a bit of a slide as of late, losing to Ricardo Lamas and Cub Swanson respectively, they are still two very young, talented, and dangerous fighters. Swanson, on the other hand, has gained a ton of ground and momentum. He of course has already lost to Aldo via an 8-second flying knee KO, so we never really got to see what he could actually offer the champ. We may get another chance soon, as Swanson has reeled off five consecutive victories within the octagon including four finishes.

Swanson’s only loss in the UFC brings us to the man who may present the stiffest test for the dominant champion, Ricardo Lamas. Lamas was set to face off with current title challenger Chan Sung Jung at UFC 162, but found himself without an opponent when Anthony Pettis went down with a knee injury, prompting KZ to replace him. Lamas was last seen destroying Koch with some vicious elbows last January, and it will be exciting to see where he lands next. A rematch with Swanson may or may not happen, or perhaps a bout against Edgar could be a great fight.

What it all boils down to is that featherweight has quickly become one of the most exciting divisions in MMA. From a super-exciting champion to a top ten littered with extreme talent, the UFC has done a great job at packing 145 with great fights and fighters. It may not be the most discussed division right now, but rest assured it is gaining ground. We will see the title defended at UFC 163 when The Korean Zombie makes his return against Aldo. What are some other featherweight bouts you’d like to see in the near future?

  • My favourite division in MMA, so many elite fighters with one of the top 5 fighters in the world as their king. Maybe the most exciting top 10 in MMA, everyone of the FW top 10 are a highlight of the card their on, always super fun and have high finishing rates as well.

    I think Aldo has a lot of super tough contenders but I can't see any of them giving him trouble, only Frankie can beat him in my opinion.

    • wow.. u seriously counting Lamas and Cub out?? sure cub lost to Aldo 4 years ago… but in all honesty we didnt really get him see to fight Aldo and 2013 Cub is a BRAND NEW Cub!!

  • Yes. That fight put UFC on the map.

    Yes, considering he made chump change for most of his career. I think it's the least he can do for his contributions. lol

  • As the UFC gets bigger and even more main stream the talent pool will grow and evolve.
    Imagine how many people will set their goals to be fighters when the UFC can offer money like the NFL or NBA.
    Right now we're seeing a small group of people go the full route to become fighters.
    Look how many kids growing up dream of being in the NBA or NFL.
    It's not even comparable.

  • I bet the amount of people who will want to be fighters won't change too much. Why? Not many people have the heart it takes to do what these guys do. It takes a special kind of person to want to go out there and get punched in the face for a living. Football? Baseball? Basketball? Kids do this stuff for fun out on the street.