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Fabricio Werdum showcases his striking prior to fight with Big Nog


Fabricio ‘Vai Cavalo’ Werdum showcases his improved striking in preparation for his June 8th bout with Rodrigo Nogueira. The video from MMA Prime has Werdum looking in shape and ready to make a statement. The two will fight at the finale of TUF Brazil 2, with Werdum having his sights set on a chance at the title.

Werdum has always been highly acclaimed for his world-class BJJ skills, as has Nogueira. Werdum has been noticeably upping his Muay Thai game in the last couple of years, and used it to destroy Roy Nelson with some dangerous knees. Who is your pick to win this battle of Brazilian legends? 

  • I have a lot of respect for Werdum. He's a great fighter. No one should be shocked if Fabricio were to ever become Champ.

  • His stand-up's really technical now – I know he's always been good but ever since he was clowning Nelson with those feints I really started taking notice of much he's improved in the last few years standing-up – he's pretty unique too. Nice to see an Axe-Kick!

  • He looked so sharp in the Nelson and Russow, I don't see how Nog can win this fight unless he manages to sneak in a massive punch that ends the fight there.

  • Well for me his stand up looked impressive against Overeem. I believe won not one but a lot exchanges against Overeem.