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Fabricio Werdum is coming for the UFC Heavyweight title, no matter who has it


UFC #2 ranked Heavyweight contender Fabricio Werdum has made a quiet rise to the top in his return to the UFC. Last seen dismantling an overmatched Mike Russow in Brazil last June, he is now set to face off with fellow countryman Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at the TUF: Brazil 2 finale.

Werdum will locks horns with Big Nog in a huge battle of two very highly-skilled Jiujitsu wizards, and a win for ‘Vai Cavalo’ may find him in a UFC title shot sometime soon. Obviously, that’s just what he wants, and he will fight any of the top-ranked 265 pounders to get it. Werdum recently spoke up to Pro MMA Now to detail his short term plans to obtain the most coveted belt in all of MMA:

“My focus now is Nogueira fight first. After I beat him, I know it’s so difficult a fight, but I’m training a lot for this fight. After then, I don’t’ know who will be the owner of the belt. But, I want the belt. Maybe ‘Bigfoot,’ Dos Santos, Cain Velasquez, it don’t matter, I want the belt.”

He does have a tough test in front of him in Nogueira, the legendary champion who was one of the best to ever compete in a Pride FC ring. And he’s been no slouch in the UFC either. Their June tilt will go far in deciding part of the UFC’s future at Heavyweight, but a title shot for Werdum could be further off than he would like.

At UFC 160 on May 25th, Cain Velasquez will rematch Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva in a championship bout, while Junior dos Santos will face the surging Mark Hunt. It’s entirely possible that the winner of that huge co-main event bout will find themselves as the next title challenger, especially if both Velasquez and dos Santos win as most are expecting.

That would mean that Werdum, even with a win, may have to endure another long layoff or take another fight before facing off with the champion whoever that may be. Still, the seasoned vet will take his chances, and his diverse skillset may just prove enough to lead him to the UFC Promised Land. It just might be a longer road than he had planned.


  • This guy's standup looks better every fight, and to think his ground game is as good as it is makes this one scary man.

    • his stand up has improved so much in the last couple of years especially his muay thai, those knees he landed on roy nelson wouldve finished anyone else. i even saw him throw a wild spinning heel, thats pretty scary from a guy whos 6 ft 5

  • Werdum destroys Nogueira. He's awesome.

  • Where I might once have called Werdum a dark-horse to become Champ, I no longer do. Fabricio has come a long way, particularly regarding his stand-up and he looked awesome in his last fight. Vai Cavalo, has everything it takes to become Champ. I know one thing for sure, few would want to mess with him on the ground. Win or lose, a title-run by the Big Brazilian would be fun to watch.

    Regarding his up-coming match with Big Nog, I think he'll prove to be too much for Nogueira.

    • Your right, even Frank Mir always says that when people call him the best HW ground guy, he refers to Werdum as the top dog.

      He has said in numerous interviews that if he fought Werdum he owuld try his best to make it a kickboxing match.

      That's a big statement coming from a guy who snapped Big Nog's while he was only half conscious

  • I have to be the contrarian here. I don't think Werdum beats Big Nog. Big Nog has vastly superior striking to Werdum, better wrestling and is dangerous enough on the ground that I don't think that Werdum wants to bring it there even if he could which I don't think he can. Big Nog will decide where this fight happens and will out strike Werdum all day. Werdum's striking is vastly improved but let's think for a minute about who he has out struck. Nelson and Russow are heavy hitters but they are not technical at all. They are both big, slow, barely mobile targets. Big Nog on the other hand can stand and bang with anyone. The dude has top notch MMA boxing inferior only to a few guys at HW.