Jessica Andrade Talks UFC 171 Win Over Raquel Pennington

Jessica Andrade Talks UFC 171 Win Over Raquel Pennington


Jessica Andrade is 5’2’ and four inches shorter that defending bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, but by the look of her tonight at UFC 171, and as against the much larger and impressive Raquel Pennington, fans might be wise to think she stands a good challenger to the champ.

Andrade’s UFC 171 bout with Pennington took the whole three rounds and the full fifteen minutes, and tested the short of stature Brazilian female in every position that could be challenged. And at every turn the South American answered the call.

Andrade fought the battle standing and on the ground, surviving every counter that the larger Pennington could muster. By the look of her, and coming forward as she did, the number nine ranked Andrade appeared to be a tank that might be able to blow champion Ronda Rousey out of her own tracks.

Regarding where she might stand now, Andrade has clearly raised her flag within the women’s bantamweight division and proven herself a fighter that the champ should both taken notice of, and be prepared for.  

However, as she’s a smaller framed fighter for her weight class that she fills, the question inevitably becomes, might she be prepared to fight in the strawweight division.

To that, Andrade leaves the door open. However, and as she said post her fight and win against Raquel Pennington, she’s put “a lot of work went into making her bigger, stronger and better, and for her to drop one weight class after all the work to make her bigger would be tough, but you never know.  

So there fans have it. After coming off of an impressive win over Raquel Pennington, Jessica Andrade leaves open the door to dropping down a class to chase a lighter title. However, and her performance tonight, fans might ask why. For, from what they observed this evening, Andrade seems to be a small Brazilian tank; and one that might be able to put a hole in Ronda Rousey’s armour.  

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    What a stupid article. A tank to put a hole in rousey's armor? Because she looked ok against a girl rousey would eat for lunch? Non of these girls have the skill set to beat rousey. I saw zero that would give rousey trouble.