ESPN E:60 – Georges "Rush" St. Pierre

ESPN E:60 – Georges "Rush" St. Pierre


UFC Welterweight champion Georges “Rush” St. Pierre talks about his humble beginnings and current status as one of the most popular fighters int he world of Mixed Martial Arts. GSP will return on November 17th against Carlos Condit, in what will be his first fight in 18 months. The champ promised fans he will come out on top against Condit, in what would be his seventh straight defense of the UFC Welterweight title.

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  • grapplure

    does he talk about anderson silva…….probably not lol

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Great story, great guy, great fighter, but…

  • kungfurule

    who the f*ck are you? we love us some kfc.

  • kungfurule

    GSP is always the kid that got bullied inside his mind this is what makes him hungry and dangerous. it will be interesting to see how he stands up to N diaz the neo-bully, either he kills him or he cracks.

  • azzkika

    Sharp this if you wish this nugget troll would STFU.

  • azzkika

    this was a reply to the original poster not you kungfurule.

  • HunterB


  • azzkika

    Diaz wouldn’t stand a chance against GSP. Different league.


    This every other year fighting cat should change his name to George “don’t RUSH back” Pierre.

  • IChokePeople

    Go away.

  • ksooner76

    Alot of ppl call him a grinder no talent lay n pray…b4 title crushed ppl
    when he got the title unbelievably smart never took insane acts to finish
    90% lose that way take a huge chance got caught lose and ppl say dumb ass….. when guys came to fight he put it on them Hughes ect
    but if the guy wouldnt commit he didnt over commit he is really smart and a great fighter ask all who lose to him if he fought smart and if they would of did it the same way…for all Josh’s shit the jabs almost cost Kosh his eye for what you see and whats happening in the ring
    just different for what his opponent is trying to do and what GSP does is shut him down beat him mentally slowly punish and finish if can to him its chess and he is GREAT at it if you really watch the fight he does amazing sometimes isnt the most exciting fight but there is 2 ppl and at there level …if its slow is because theguy who came to fight him came to survive not beat him like said 2ppl are fighting and for the belt the challenger HAS to challenge him and BEAT! him

  • mindkontrolle

    I loves me some gosh darn KFC dammit

  • KeithFarrell

    True warrior and champion