“Fight Hub TV” stopped by the “Reign MMA" and spent some time with welterweight contender Jake Ellenberger and got his thoughts on his upcoming fight and bout, with Rory MacDonald.

In discussing MacDonald, Ellenberger almost seems to hold the fighter in contempt. Jake acknowledges that Rory is “skilled”, but he scoffs at the fighter’s ranking (#3 in the division) and feels that MacDonald isn’t even a top-ten fighter and has "been invented by the media".

In making his point, “The Juggernaut” made note of MacDonald’s wins and said of them “I couldn’t even tell you a legitimate top 5 or top 10 guys that he’s beat.” In fairness, MacDonald could ask the same question of Ellenberger.

What I find interesting about this interview, is that in the “Road to the Octagon” pre-fight show, Ellenberger said he’d have a psychological advantage over MacDonald, however, I don’t see that in this interview. To be honest, what I see in this video is a fighter who’s seems to be trying to convince himself of his ability to win and not a guy that’s going to be exerting a winning game of psychological control over his opponent.  

On the contrary, where Rory says he’s going to “technically embarrass” Ellenberger, Jake is saying that in “some way, shape or form” he’ll win. Of the two statements, MacDonald sells it better.

On the issue of mental warfare or who’s stronger, I’d have to give it to Rory. MacDonald is an emotionless zombie when it comes to fighting and training. He’s a black-hole of feelings. He’s the same flat-line when beating a guy, as he is when giving an interview; nothing seems to faze the guy or change his demeanour. He simply gives you nothing. For me, I view that as strength.

Regrettably though, it means that he (Macdonald) can come across as anything from distant, to aloof, to being considered arrogant. Of course all of that is okay with MacDonald, because he truly doesn’t care what people think of him.  

This should be a great fight and a great test for both. I’m picking MacDonald to win, but Jake is a great fighter and one with power in his hands. If he can force “Ares” into a brawl, he could well win.

If, however, this turns out to be a technical stand-up war, then Rory will probably take the victory and at the end of it, could well be at a crossroads between his career’s goal (of being champion) and his friendship with current 170 pound champion, Georges St. Pierre; given that GSP beats Hendricks.

Should both fighters win (MacDonald / GSP), I don’t see how the match between them could be avoided. The only other fighter in the division that might have something to say about it would be Demian Mia.