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Eight Major Missteps Since The UFC Was Sold


Greenlighting McGregor vs Mayweather

There’s no doubt that a rumored boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. would be a fascinating spectacle and a massive moneymaker for all concerned, but there are serious concerns about whether this is the best strategic long-term move for the UFC and the sport in general.

McGregor’s chances of beating one of boxing’s best-ever fighters at his own game are slim to none in the eyes of many experts, and if he is schooled in the ring, then not only would his reputation take a heavy hit, but the sport as a whole would inevitably come away with a black eye too, and with the whole world watching, that would leave a lasting impression.

Given that McGregor would reportedly be set to make in excess of $75 million for the fight, there’s also a legitimate concern that he may just take an extended hiatus, continue to pursue more boxing fights, or even hang up his gloves for good.

Even in the best case scenario, he’s still going to be out of the Octagon for at least a year, while the top end of the lightweight division has now been left in limbo without its champion, and other UFC stars now seem more interested in landing lucrative crossover fights in the boxing world rather than focusing on their MMA careers.

The big winner here would appear to be the sport of boxing, which has often played second fiddle to the UFC in recent years, but could now use McGregor’s popularity to propel their own sport back to the top at MMA’s expense.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    “‘quantity over quality’”

    You got those backwards

  • Bill Wolf

    The Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib Nuragomedov fiasco also counts. When Kabib no-showed, the UFC saved money. Then it also tried to save money by paying Tony Ferguson much less for a replacement fight. The fighter walked, and didn’t get paid his show money, breaking precedent.

    This means that other fighters will be reluctant to sign an opponent who may no-show, leaving the fighter out-of-pocket for his training camp and other expenses. Uncertainty is a cost, and fighters can’t always afford that cost. There is also a trust issue.

    The real disaster is that, to save a small amount of money that was already budgeted, the UFC let down all the fans who had paid to see Tony Ferguson fight. The UFC could have put on a Tony Ferguson fight, using money already budgeted, but they chose to leave the fans in the lurch instead. That is going to affect consumer trust going forward.

  • Just introduce some fresh, promising blood like high rank Thai fighters or Dutch kickboxers like Rico Verhoeven. Many people would like to see Saenchai or Buakaw in the octagon.

  • David Twardy

    Where’s Jess Finchey at? The guy that comes on here and blames Dana for every move the UFC made since they were sold.

    • peter

      That moron isnt real smart. Pretty much trashes everyone and everything……

  • Big Ed

    The McGregor v Mayweather is a huge mistake. Why let your number 1 draw go outside of MMA for a match? It just makes no sense. He needs to be putting azzes in seats in UFC events. It’s almost a given that he’s not going to beat or probably put on a good show with a 50-0 hall of fame, probably one of the all time top 10 boxers in history. I always though it was a ridiculous move.