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Edmond Tarverdyan: Ronda Knocks Out ‘Cyborg’ With One Hand


Dominant UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey picked up the second-fastest title fight victory in Octagon history in the co-main event of UFC 175 last Saturday night (July 5, 2014) when she destroyed Alexis Davis with a furious 16-second rush.

The win was impressive to say the least, but it left doubts in the minds of many as to whether or not the still-blossoming UFC women’s bantamweight division had the talent to sustain a runaway freight train of a champion lie Rousey.

The division will get a bit of a break as Rousey takes time off to heal from a popped cyst on her right hand and arthroscopic surgery on a nagging knee issue. She also has four movies to promote, so it’s unknown when “Rowdy” will return to the cage.

When she does, she may be involved in a bout with long-injured No. 1 contender Cat Zingano, but there’s really only one fight in which Rousey would have even a chance to be threatened. That’s against Invicta FC 145-pound champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino. Justino has famously teased a cut down to 135 pounds to face Rousey.

According to Rousey’s striking coach Edmond Tarverdyan, who appeared on The MMA Hour today, his pupil would knock “Cyborg” out with one hand:

“Absolutely, I like that fight. Ronda knows, I spoke to Ronda. I said, ‘You knock out Cyborg any given day.’ Ronda knocks out Cyborg. I believe even with one hand she fights Cyborg, she beats her.

But that’s an exciting fight. That’s what I believe, but that’s a great fight, yes. Cyborg is a swinger, she’s tough. She’ll let her hands go and then she’ll get into a fight with Ronda and that’s an exciting fight. But what I believe with my fighter is my fighter is the best in the world. I would love to see that fight.”

Some strong words from the laser-focused Tarverdyan, but they’re hard to argue with until someone puts Rousey in some degree of measured dangers in an MMA bout. At the end of the day, the boxing coach has such a belief in Rousey that if she was given enough time to recover from her current injuries, he said they’d take on “Cyborg” in their next one or two fights:

“If they can make it happen. Let her come off that which she’s doing and make it fair and square, come down, they know where Ronda is. I would love that fight. I think the fans want to see that fight. I think MMA fans in the world really want to see an insane striker go up against, I would say a polished, precise common striker. So let’s do it. I would love that fight.”

“Ronda is in the best shape of her life. Ronda’s in her prime. We could take that fight next fight. We just gotta talk to the UFC and Dana and see what’s on the table and we’ll figure it out. Right now I can’t tell if it should be the next fight or the fight after that, but she’s ready to go.”

There’s no doubt that MMA fans everywhere want to see that fight go down, and given the current state of Rousey as a top-level draw, it could definitely flirt with some pay-per-view (PPV) records on a year-end type of card.

However, “Cyborg” is going to be a beast to deal with if she can make 135 pounds without damaging her health, so Rousey is probably going to want both of her hands no matter how dangerous she is right now.

  • I doubt that … Rhonda has no power to do such

    • Ronda proved last weekend that she has KO power.

      • Spacejam… she can not do that to cyborg standing or on the ground she dont have the power to knock her out anyone else maybe

        • mtnman….How in the fuck could you possible know that?? Last time I checked Cyborg got dropped several times in her last fight. Anything is possible in MMA, anything can happen at anytime.

          • not here to argue with u child .. just stating the facts Ronda's boxing skills is still weak she cant drop her or hold her down to punch 20 times in the face cyborg is to strong ..

          • I'm not a child for one, I wouldn't call Ronda's boxing weak at all, its not as good as her ground game but she is most certainly a good boxer. Please explain how you know Ronda can't drop or KO Cyborg?? Cyborgs physical strength has nothing to do with her chin. There is no need for an argument, if you state real factual evidence why would I argue? Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean you are 100% right.

          • lol Baars fist didnt do it… it was her knees n kicks i didnt say physical strength… her chin is to strong for Ronda boxing watch n see young man .. physical strength would b on the ground she to big for Ronda to hold .. i like Ronda.. but saying she can knock out cyborg with 1 hand it wont happen.. plain n simple

      • She didn't do it with 1 punch or with 1 hand tied behind her back. But I guess if we want to get technical everyone almost ever that has a KO did it with 1 hand so it would be stranger if she did it with 2.

    • She can beat me with one hand behind her back, but I prefer she use two hands and lotion 8P

  • Is this worth a comment?? No but i will do it anyway….Ronda KOs a girls that has two losses to Sarah Kaufman and is the new Mike Tyson in a skirt.

    • Show me a video of anyone else doing what Ronda did to Davis????

      • It doesn't matter if Ronda was the only one to do it. The division is very weak. Ronda would be getting KO'd and subbed by the guys at 135.

        • I don't think the division is very weak at all. Most women fighters in the UFC and great fighters, Ronda is just on a different level. Look what happened with Joe Benavidez and Mighty Mouse 2. Did Joe get KO'd because he is a weak fighter or because Mighty Mouse is one of the P4P best in MMA??

          Also remember how young WMMA is in the UFC, there have been multiple situations where certain divisions have been called weak and then in time a wealth of great fighters start to make their mark. I bet my house the influx of contenders for Ronda are going to grow massively over the next 6months to a year.

          Ronda would probably get finished by the elite 135 men like Faber and Barao but she could most certainly take out most of the others. I have trained with black belt Judo women and I'll tell you now they don't fuck around, they are seriously as elite as most men I have trained with.

          Where not talking about your average female who goes shopping and watches the real housewives we are talking about ELITE female athletes. In the end they are human beings just like men and on any given day, Anyone can win at anytime, Man or Women..

          • Absolute BS, I have seen multiple women saying they can do this and that to men and they do usually until a guy gets sick of their BS arrogance and then they get the wake up call.

          • How many high level women have you trained with??? I know for a fact that Ronda could easily smash a few top level male fighters. I trained with a high level Judo black belt female the other day and she was a fucking killer, I thought I could easily out muscle her, how wrong I was. I had plenty of time to contemplate how good Female fighters are when I was flying through the air onto my head. One of my mates thought he would walk through this chick, and she fucked him up, almost to the point to where this bloke was crying.

          • I have not trained with any. I have observed some and any time there are men of equal training they are dominant in every way. That goes for kickboxing, boxing, BJJ and wrestling. I have not been around many Judo players but I can guarantee there is a reason they seperate the sexes regardless of wether or not they weigh the same. Men react 4% faster than women and that is not just an average it is actually the rate at which every males neurons travel and every females travels 4% slower than. it does not vary. Mens muscles at the same weight and size of a females are faster stronger and recover quicker because they have larger muscle fibers, which again cannot be compensated for it is just genetics as well as higher testosterone for muscle recovery. Men also have denser bone structure. Men of the same weight as women had approximately 50% more power upper body and 30% lower body. Also men have divisions in virtually every combat sport more than 10 times as deep as women. Even when we watched TUF with both males and females the women talked like they were going to do this and that to the men while the men said they would never go 100% on a girl. Multiple women from that series have said that they were put in their place by the men and had to eat a slice of humble pie when the men started trying. If Ronda faced top guys in 135 mens division she would not win. I doubt she could get the lower guys.

  • Well I want to see that fight too, but Im putting my money on Cyborg.
    This guy must be cashing big time on rounda's fights, and sure a fight against cyborg will bring him lot a cash

  • Edmond, Ronda and Cyborg can say whatever the fuck they want. The biggest question for me is can Cyborg who is ripped up and shredded at 145 possible cut anymore weight, which will seriously impede the way she fights. Edmond can say Ronda might do a cartwheel into a backflip then land into a fully locked up triangle choke, it doesn't mean shit!

    • True. I actually would say that Ronda wins the fight but I also feel that Cyborg is not that great, she's just strong.

  • one hand? really? didn't read the whole thing, I stopped at the title.

  • But which one has the larger penis?

    That is the real question here…

  • What is that a 3rd nipple under her eye?