With both Michael Bisping and Rashad Evans out of the Anderson Silva sweepstakes, it looks like consensus middleweight #1 contender Chris Weidman, has been doing whatever he can to get this deal done and have his opponent put pen to paper.

Meeting with Dana to tell him how badly he wanted a title shot and how confident he was that he would win, didn't seem to be enough. Tweeting both the UFC bosses and the middleweight champion himself, directly after Rashad's loss, also didn't seem to be enough.

So where do you take it from there exactly? You harass the champions manager in hopes that he feels compelled to make the fight happen. Ironically enough Ed Soares happened to run into Weidman in Chicago recently and had the following to say regarding the brief exchange:

"Chris Weidman, I saw him in Chicago last Saturday and he was driving me crazy! He kept asking me, 'Hey, let's make that fight happen!' He's very confident and he's a good fighter and we'll see what happens. At the end of the day, we don't pick our opponents. A lot of times people want to say, 'Oh Ed, you picked that!' People ask for my opinion and I give my opinion. Chris Weidman? If he's next, the UFC will make that fight happen. Hopefully, we'll see him in Brazil."

With few other options left, I find it hard to believe that we'll be seeing anyone else fighting Silva next. But until we hear it from Dana White himself, it's best not to get our hopes up, because if there's one thing I've learned writing, reading and documenting what goes on in this industry, it's that absolutely anything can happen.