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Ed Soares Believes The Superfights Can Still Happen


Although former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva put all of the promotion’s hopes for a blockbuster superfight on hold when he lost to Chris Weidman at UFC 162, the chance still remains that one or more of those bouts could go down. They are no doubt put on hiatus for the time being as Silva seeks to gain redemption with a rematch against Weidman this December 28th.

And while the embattled former champ assured us last week that he’s back, he’ll have to prove that against the young, well-rounded champion. If he does, then there is still potential for a match with new no. 1 pound-for-pound king Jon Jones. Silva’s manager Ed Soares recently appeared on Sherdog Radio to address the potential of these bouts. When asked if the superfights are truly off the table, he replied:

“I think that’s ridiculous. I think the superfights are still on the table. I think right now the superfights are in the future, but right now what should be on everyone’s mind should be the rematch with Chris Weidman.”

“If he comes back and beats Chris Weidman. I don’t see the reason why the superfights can’t happen.”

It’s tough to say if either the superfight with Jones or GSP will happen, because Weidman is the furthest thing from an easy out. With Silva’s mystique of an untouchable fighter crushed by one massive left hook, he’ll probably never regain that air of invincibility.

However, if he does silence the critics by coming back and handing Weidman a convincing defeat, I think the only logical move for the UFC to make is to book Silva against Jones. Silva recently said that he doesn’t think he can defeat Jones, and if he can’t beat Weidman, then he’s probably right. I’ve also heard Weidman put forth the idea of him fighting Jones, saying that he would accept the fight in a heartbeat.

If he can beat Anderson Silva for a second time, a superfight with Weidman vs. Jones could turn into a huge event. It’s definitely not the superfight we all thought we’d be seeing, but it could be one heck of a bout. What do you think?

  • Translation: even though nobody cares anymore we would still like to try and make $hit load$ of money off of this fight.

    • "Nobody cares"???!!! Very odd statement, given Silva's exceptional recond and unique talent. It amazes me how fickle some mma fans are: after one loss, they'd rule out even the best p4p fighter in the world and claim that no one "cares" to see him in a superfight…Needless to say that Silva lost to his hubris and recklessness, not because Widman dominated him…

      • Bore…Weidman didn't dominate Silva?

        I don't know man, it sure looked like he dominated his head right-off the canvas and dominated away with his title, belt and UFC cherry.

        To the question though, I'd still like to see them fight. Will the fight still be viable should he lose to Weidman a second time? That's a separate question.

    • Really? No one cares about Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones? Or Anderson vs GSP? Easily two of the best fights, if not the best possible fights on the planet?

      I'd LOVE to see either of those fights.

      • Ouch, you guys got me there. An exaggeration. I think for the casual mma fan who is a large portion of PPV the lustre is off of those fight. To the dedicated fan who see beyond the hype to the fighters themselves – then you are correct.

        My point is that Soares is keen to salvage what he can on superfights for reasons of money.

        • I'd agree with Soares comments, but their predicated on a big "if" and that "If", is "If" he beats Weidman and I don't think that's going to happen.

          I still think this fight, the re-match, is now of super-fight status. Anderson's legacy is on the line in this match and everyone on the planet who's into MMA, is going to watch this fight. I think the bout will easily do over 1 million in the PPV. It could well break the PPV record.

          I'm sorry, but I love this fight and all the drama that's going along with it.

        • Mike, come on man, what's wrong with you?

      • Anderson VS GSP is a joke !!! I would love to see JJones VS Silva, and how JJones destroys him in 1st round, elbows his bighead..
        Never liked Silva and enjoyed how he got beaten by Weidman.
        Ed Soares is hunter for easy fights to build Silva`s "legacy" , like that fight with Bonnar…

      • Anderson VS GSP is a joke !!! I would love to see JJones VS Silva, and how JJones destroys him in 1st round, elbows his bighead..
        Never liked Silva and enjoyed how he got beaten by Weidman.
        Ed Soares is hunter for easy fights to build Silva`s "legacy" , like that fight with Bonnar…

  • You have to break down your definition of a super fight. Is it the Champ of each division? Which now currently Silva is not. Or is it just a fight you deem as "super"?

    Keep in mind if Weidman wins the second fight, that first second definition would then transition to Weidman, a guy who beat Silva twice and he would take that spot.

    Basically since the Weidman fight and the controversy brought by his fans, they could still argue it's a superfight, or at least for now. Time will tell.

    • Controversy? LOL!

      What controversy, man. Silva got beat. Period. No controversy required.

      If you beat "the man", you become "the man".

      This is a super-fight, IMO and …is this not the 1rst time that 2 guys on the P4P list have fought? That by itself should give it status.

      Happy Bohemian Grove "fest" to you, by the way.

      • "controversy brought by HIS FANS"
        We need to work on your comprehension skills lol.
        I have never said there was controversy, but then again, I only respect Silva for his skills, Im not actually a fan of his…..so whats this about a Bohemian Grove?

        • E…you're up on the NWO, then you must know of the Grove. I made the quip, because I thought you'd be up on that too and the reason I did, is because of the time of year; July 16th to the 31rst.

      • Your implied mental dominance is starting to pizz me off man, take a chill.

        • No mental dominance here, man. I meant nothing as a slight. I was just having some fun. Not looking to PO one of my favorite LK members.

          • OK ok gotcha, I thought the Grove thing was a stab, referring to the controversy thing above. I asked what about the Grove to get your take on it before I posted a video showing OUR leaders at a ritual in black robes in front of a stone own doing a mock sacrifice.
            Remember, Im a bit cynical lmao

          • "owl" this wireless new keyboard suks haha

          • Yeah, I was going to be shocked if you weren't on to the Grove. Sorry about any misunderstandings, my friend. You're a cool cat.

            "F" the owl.

          • lol all good man.

  • IMO if Silva goes into this rematch focused & gets his belt back, he should go right after GSP for running off @ the mouth…

    Did anybody write GSP off when he lost to Matt Serra???

    • That's a good point, but I dont see GSP even taking that fight.
      I still think if GSP could get him down, he wouldnt get back up.

      • Lets see how good he does against the homie Johny Hendricks because he's not a walk in the park either.

        • Big Rig is no walk-in-the-park, that's for sure. As a GSP fan, I have to worry about this one. Rush puts another "W" up, it will be a big relief to me.

    • Hate, I think the only think Rush said was the he picked Weidman to win. I don't think he's made any statements post the fight or even before, about Silva being write-off. All The Champ did was pick his buddy and say the he was going to shock the world, which he did.

      As to GSP / Silva, I don't think it will ever happen and I think he'd kill Rush. Unless GSP shows me something really new in this fight, some amazing new stand-up, power or mind-numbing BJJ game, I don't believe his current style would last a fight with Anderson.

      This fight is a pipe-dream that will never happen, IMO.

  • Serious question about no easy fight…

    How many of you think Spider would've still got Ko'd if he hunted for a finish early on?

    At 205 he never took risks, at 185 he got cocky.

  • More than the super fight I am keen to see the rematch cause that's all that I am worried about. We should talk about super fight once Weidman has been taken care of.

    • No cart before the horse. I would agree with that, Grand.