Donald Cerrone vs. Evan Dunham Added To UFC 167

Donald Cerrone vs. Evan Dunham Added To UFC 167


The UFC has announced today, the addition of a bout featuring Donald Cerrone vs. Evan Dunham to their November 16th, UFC 167 card, in Las Vegas.

The event will mark the 20th anniversary of the promotion and the card will be headlined by welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, who will be defending his 170 pound belt against powerhouse division challenger Johny Hendricks.

The 7 & 3 (UFC) Cerrone will be looking to put his career back on a winning track, after having just lost a recent unanimous decision fight to Rafael dos Anjos, this past August. This will be “The Cowboy’s” fourth fight in 2013 and although certainly active, Cerrone has little to show for his efforts aside from 1 victory, and his hit-and-miss record leaves him un-ranked within the lightweight division and struggling to a make a place for himself, in terms of title-contention.

On the other hand, the 7 & 4 (UFC) Dunham will be making his 3rd Octagon appearance for the calendar year and like Cerrone, is also coming off of a unanimous decision loss to Rafael dos Anjos. Dunham too, also finds himself unranked and is struggling to find his stride at 155.

Although not a critical fight for eithers career, a win for one over the other would certainly be welcome news for their career trajectories. Cerrone and Dunham are now both 30 & 31 years old respectively, and in a division that’s as stacked as 155 is and with the clock ticking on their careers, neither can afford to be taking losses, and both need to start stringing together a serious winning streak.


As both fighters are evenly matched, this is a great opportunity for one of them to step-up, grab a win and start making their presence felt within the division.   

With the addition of this bout, the main card now stands as follows:

Georges St. Pierre Champion / Johny Hendricks #1 (Welterweight)

Rashad Evans #5 / Chael Sonnen #9 (Light-Heavyweight)

Rory MacDonald #3 / Robbie Lawler #8 (Welterweight)

Alistair Overeem #7 / Frank Mir #8 (Heavyweight)

Donald Cerrone / Evan Dunham (Lightweight)

Josh Koscheck /Tyron Woodley (Welterweight)

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  • FirstnLastEmperor

    cant wait to see this live… what a time to decide to fly to vegas for a ufc.. i knew they'd add some fights to a GSP main event but this is better than I imagined by far!

  • dropkickmurphy

    To me Macdonald and Lawler (yes it is a good fight) makes no sense. I would think Condit/Macdonald rematch..Brown vs Condit or Macdonald. Woodley and Koscheck should be sick and Dunham and Cerrone should be a good brawl.

  • thexperience1

    Koscheck is getting his A-S-S WHOOPED!!!!