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POLL: Does Rory MacDonald Deserve Title Fight After Decision Win At UFC 174?


MacDonald and Tyron Woodley went at it on the main card of last night’s UFC 174, in a bout that could well have garnered either man a title shot. ‘The Chosen One’ had spoke about cutting in line for a title shot, but ended up eating his words, and multiple jabs against the much more technical ‘Ares’. The young Canadian impressed in Vancouver, but should he get a title shot?

UFC on Fox 12 is the scene for the official title contender bout between Robbie Lawler and Matt Brown, but what would happen if that fight either a) doesn’t happen for some strange reason or b) is a boring scrap (unlikely, I know). Do you think MacDonald’s win over Woodley is worthy of a crack at Johny Hendricks?

There is no doubt that MacD owned T-Wood over all three rounds, landed way more strikes, and just pushed the action in general, but the ‘Canadian Psycho’ never had Woodley in trouble. His high-volume of technical mastery on the feet was certainly a sight to behold, and I may have jumped the gun when I said it was reminiscent of MacDonald vs. Ellenberger.

So what do you say, does MacDonald deserve the title shot, or does he need yet another win before being considered?

  • Let's no forget Woodley didn't really beat Condit. Condit got an injury he couldn't continue with that was most likely an accident not damage.

    • Thats crap man, Woodley won fair and square. Lets nor forget the ONLY reason Carlos injured his knee was a direct result of what Tyron did to him. Injuries happen in this sport its part of the game. Any and every aspect of MMA can be deadly, you fall awkwardly on any part of your body and you will injure yourself. Tyron kicked Carlos so hard it forced Carlos to do a 180, planting his knee in the process, therefor causing serious damage.

      • He got injured before the kick buddy.

        Condit tends to loss the first round and come back stronger later in the fight, that's what was shaping up to happen IMO.

        • Ok buddy why don't you explain what happened when Carlos first injured his knee?? Did Carlos slip on a banana peel? Or was it a direct result of what Tyron intended to do?? I would also say the the first incident didn't cause the majority of the damage, it was clearly the kick.

          Look man I'm a massive Condit fan he is easily in my top 3 favorite fighters of all time. Tyron looked sharp that night, Carlos had the complete opposite gameplan to Rory. Rory was pressuring Twood and pushing him against the cage being the aggressor. Carlos was on the outside trying to counter Twood.

          Who the hell know what would of happened.

          • Not a hater of Woodley or Condit either, but i would like to know your input on the Wiedman Silva 2nd fight?

    • He deserves it more than Matt "Ive beaten nobody" Brown that's for sure!!

  • I have absolutely no doubt that Rory will win the belt.

    • Lawler will let his hands go in their next fight I'm quite sure. Similar to what Shogun did to Machida in their 2nd fight.

      • I agree Entity.

        I had the same thought when writing that statement up top. However, what I find impressive is that Rory is getting better with every fight. He is gaining confidence and it was very evident in his fight with Woodley. Should Lawler and Rory meet again I do not see Rory making the same mistakes again. Nevertheless, Lawler s a legit threat to anyone in the 170 and I cannot disagree with your comment.

    • If it's against Hendricks or Brown, yeah he would beat them up and shut them down.

      But against Lawler I don't know he's such a tough match up for anybody.

  • Rory has finally made a believer out of me. He beat Maia because Maia used his tank unwisely and beat Ellenberger who didn't even fight(actually neither of them did and he beat Penn who was undersized and under prepared. I feel this is his first real showing of being a big dog in the division. I do believe if Maia screws his head on right he could be the champ but he continues to try and do things he shouldn't. I would give Rory a title shot after the winner of Brown vs Lombard. I do not see Rory getting the better of Lombard but maybe he can prove me wrong. I thought Woodley would light him up in R1 and TKO him but Woodley looked like he was caught in the headlights.

    • Brown is fighting Lawler, not Lombard.

      • Yeah screwed up. I saw it right after I posted it but it was too late and had to skype with my brother in law. I did however actually mean to say Lombard but forgot that he was not the one fighting Brown. I think Lombard is a bad guy to deal with at 170.