Does Pat Cummins Really Have A Chance Against Daniel Cormier?

Does Pat Cummins Really Have A Chance Against Daniel Cormier?


Last week Patrick Cummins received the opportunity of a lifetime when he was asked to join the UFC and fight one of the company’s biggest stars on short notice.The All-American from Reinholds, Pennsylvania, got the chance to take on arguably the best fighter in the UFC without a world title; Daniel Cormier.

“DC” was previously scheduled to face Rashad Evans in the co-main event of UFC 170 this weekend, but when “Suga” pulled out of the bout with a leg-injury, Cummins received the chance to fight Cormier on just nine days notice.

Cummins, who is one of Cormier’s former training partners, accepted the offer immediately and began training for what could very possibly be the biggest fight he may ever have in his career. It was obviously a no-brainer for the two time All-American, who is currently unbeaten in his short career at 4-0.

If “Durkin” manages to pull off the huge upset, he will shoot himself straight into title contention in the UFC’s light-heavyweight division. And if he loses, he still gets the massive exposure on a huge event. But does the 33-year old really have a chance against Cormier?

Cormier will be making his light-heavyweight debut in the fight after going 2-0 in the UFC’s heavyweight division, taking wins over Roy Nelson and Frank Mir. Prior to that, Cormier had smashed his way through the likes of “Big Foot” Silva and Josh Barnatt to win Strikeforce’s heavyweight Grand Prix.

With “DC” originally preparing for his toughest test to date in Evans, you can expect him to be well prepared come Saturday and in the best shape of his life.Cummins is a high-calibre wrestler, with four-first round finishes, so he shouldn’t be overlooked by Cormier. But that’s unlikely to happen after “Durkin” rattled “DC’s cage, saying be had made him “cry” during training sessions.

The undefeated fighter may have the speed edge over Cormier, but that will all depend on how easily he makes the cut to light-heavyweight. Cummins also has the benefits of having previously training with Cormier as he was preparing for the Olympics, whether that will help him come fight night, we are set to find out.

How do you think the fight will go down, does Cummins really have a chance against Cormier?


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  • TheXperience

    No, just no!

    • Brian Cox

      I watched one of his fights the other day and it was not impressive. Certainly not anything Cormier would need to worry about. Odds are on this fight, that Cummins is going to get eaten alive.

      That said and because I like underdogs and great stories, I'm going to pick Cummins for the win. If he pulls it off it'll be the story of the year, short of Anderson Silva making it back to the ring in 2014. So, what the heck, I'm going to root for Cummins in the fight and the same way that I rooted for Bonnar against Silva. Virtually no chance of success, but it was fun to root for a guy that had no chance. At least someone in the room was cheering him on. My guess is, there'll probably be a lot of people pulling for Cummins to win, even though they know he's probably going to get crushed and crushed by a guy he's seriously annoyed.

      I'll say this about Cummins though, he's confident. So, who knows, maybe he can do it. Again, if he did it'll be hilarious.

      Good Luck Pat, you'll need it.

      • enjoylife321

        If I was to argue in favour of Cummins it would be his wrestling pedigree, height advantage and confidence in having trained with Cormier. When Cormier was asked about whether he cried he didn't give an answer and just said Cummins is disrespectful and what happens in the wrestling room should stay there…So he never denied that it took place…..But, considering that time has passed since this alleged incident and that Cormier has been a champion and trains everyday with Cain velasquez I have to think that Cummins will be outclassed like all of Cormier's former opponents….

  • Ivy

    It's hard to say…whom among you has seen DC fight at LHW? Cummins may be onto something here, and I'm with you Brian, I hope he pulls off the upset just because he is the underdog, but I think this may turn out to be one of the biggest UFC blunders and embarrassments to MMA ever conceived…even worse then putting James Toney against Randy.

    • JTalbain

      In all fairness, I think Toney vs. Couture was intended to embarrass boxing, and I think it did so perfectly.

  • Boner89

    If Daniel wasn't coming down in weight I would say no way, but he is so I can see Pat winning if Daniel gasses late. That's about the only chance I see Pat having.

    • TheXperience

      His cardio will be better than it's ever been… he made the cut in a healthy way and took his sweet ass time for it. He's not draining his body. He was close to weight 2 weeks out, so if anything, we'll see a faster cormier with even better cardio.

    • IGMBurninPiff

      This fight isn't going to go late. DC is going to put this kid away pretty quick. DC has K.O power and Patrick Cummins is going to feel it.

  • falcon4917

    Hve no clue about Pat and Cormier is looking like a possible champ, how can I believe that it will go in Pats favor? But the fact the fight is happening has me unsettled and intrigued.

  • Brasil

    Yes……..if he carries a gun to the octagon……..and with more than one bullet.

  • cranestyle

    DC may or may not be having an good weight cut, but unless you own a crystal ball tuned in to this Friday's weigh-in, you're just guessing what will happen.

  • Pud141

    Come on guys, there is just no chance this guy will beat DC. If he was good enough to beat him he wouldn't have been working in a coffee shop when he was offered the fight. DC is one of the best guys out there (IMO) so some guy with 4 low level fights isn't going to cause him any problems. As for wrestling, DC will probably out wrestle him too before pounding his face in. Finally I don't actually thing DC will struggle with the weight cut, to me he is the type of guy who dedicates himself to these things and will do it in a very controlled and healthy manner. In fact he is looking pretty lean at the moment is comparison to where he was.

    • IGMBurninPiff

      Yea this isn't wrestling, so even if this guy was able to outwrestle him in straight wrestling because of size or whatever the case may be he won't in MMA. DC is going to smash him up. This fight is a joke, but it's more of DC not taking no for an answer and the UFC being forced to find someone for him to fight. This was the best option they had since there is no way I think any other 205'er was going to take the fight on 10 days notice. I kind of wish they found a way to get someone else to fight Manuwa and let Gus fight him since Gus has been in camp too

  • akieyugames

    It's Patrick not Pat. They're not friends anymore…remember.

  • NCapone

    With never seeing DC at lhw and really never seeing Cummings fight good competition . This is one fight I can honestly say I don't have a clue what to expect. The obvious prediction is DC destroying Cummings but do we really know if that's what's definitely going to happen??