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Demetrious Johnson Shoots Up To Number Five In UFC Pound-For-Pound Rankings


UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson put on quite a show at last weekend’s UFC on Fox 9, knocking out consensus number one contender Joseph Benavidez with a vicious right hand.

The win gave Johnson three straight title defenses since obtaining the inaugural 125-pound belt over Benavidez at UFC 152. It’s also given him respect in the rankings, as “Mighty Mouse” has risen two spots to land at the number five spot in the pound-for-pound rankings. Here’s the updated top ten:

1.) Jon Jones 

2.) Jose Aldo +1

3.) Anderson Silva +1

4.) Cain Velasquez +1

5.) Demetrious Johnson +2

6.) Renan Barao 

7.) Anthony Pettis +1

8.) Chris Weidman +1

9.) Benson Henderson +1

10.) Ronda Rousey*NR

Part of that rise is due to everyone rising one spot following former longtime welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre’s withdrawal from the sport. But there’s no denying “Mighty Mouse” is at the top of his game and seemingly getting better.

With rising flyweight contenders John Lineker and Ali Bagautinov rumored to face off at February’s UFC 169, there really isn’t a logical choice for Johnson’s best opponent.

He’s beaten all four of the top contenders in Benavidez, Dodson, Moraga, and Ian McCall. The only one of those fighters who had a chance at beating Johnson was McCall, who took “Mighty Mouse” to a draw at UFC on FX 2 in March 2012. But Johnson avenged that close call by defeating McCall just three months later.

Women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey also made her way onto the P4P top 10. She will defend her belt against archrival Miesha Tate in the co-main event of UFC 168 on December 28.

Number three-ranked Anderson Silva will face off with number eight Chris Weidman on the event’s headlining bout, but there will be more than rankings implications on the line in that clash. Will another Weidman victory have “Mighty Mouse” rising further up the pound-for-pound list?

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  • In my opinion Mighty Mouse should be ranked above Cain, without a single doubt. Other than that i'm cool with the rest of the list.

    • As matter of fact… i'm not! I still have Anderson Silva at #1, that 1 fluke of a loss does not define his career as a martial artist and no one has come even CLOSE to accomplish what he has done in the octagon. IF Weidman would beat him again (which is wishful thinking at best in my opinion), he might drop 1 or 2 spots but right now, he should still be #1.

      • Ivy

        It wasn't a fluke. WM was winning the first round even before he obliterated Anderson Silva. I think it's Fedor-time for Anderson.

        • Sonnen was winning 4.5 rounds and did that make him p4p better than Silva?

        • whos wm?

    • Cain should be below Pettis and Barao as well. Heck I think Faber, Cruz and many others including Benson are better than Cain. Cain is the best heavyweight but heavyweights are rarely p4p material if ever.

      • Benson should be nowhere near that list.

    • Women shouldn't be on the men's list until they are competing against men…at which point humanity will have degenerated into androgynous nothingness.

  • Ronda being on the list is the biggest dump on a p4p list ever made. Is she really better than Faber, McDonald, or any of the top ten at 135? No chance that she beats the top ten at 135 never mind top 10 p4p. Is Rondas mom the decision maker on this. Why not put Sergio Pettis has a no loss record too is he a top 10 p4p? Dana saw the $ at the door of the femenist camp is all that is.

    • Dana doesn't make these lists. Stop being a whiny hater

      • You don't think Dana a part of the brass wouldn't come up with this idea? You can highlick me balls man.

        • Think back to danas favorite UFC man Brock Lesnar and how he got on the p4p list as well somehow. Business as usual.

    • Every year closer and closer to WWE we come. This crap needs to stop. Fine Dana I'll pay the $5 if you stop this crap. I submit! For crying out loud this is embarrassing! Ronda is good, but I don't think theres more than a handful of all the guys that have ever been in the UFC that she could actually beat.

      • Tate said a year or 2 ago that if she's honest, Carraway makes a fool out of her any day of the week. She said men are on a completely different level. They need to make a womens p4p list if they want that extra attention and cash.

  • Cain fights like a bear and smothers his opponents.

    No way is he better pound for pound than guys like Pettis and Barao.

    • The only one Cain is better than on that list is Ronda.

  • Ridiculous not having GSP in this list.. Withdraw or not…. Well now, Don't really matter what pound for pound means to many… Put them inside the cage with Cain Velasquez and he would kill everyone of them….. oh Nick Diaz should be in this so call list also…Homie is coming back soon. Yuri Boyka The Most Complete Fighter In The World…

    • Cain might beat them all but he does not have the best skills.

  • I must weigh in on this non-sense
    1. Cain belongs where he does on the list because not only has he wrecked a division, but the dudes in the division are ALL bigger than him. With the exception of being caught he has not had a close fight yet.
    2. Rhonda should NOT be on the list. She has had ONLY one fight in the UFC and we all know what would happen if Faber fought Rousey. Women should have a separate list…now that there is a second women's division.
    3. Weidman should be higher than Silva…he is undefeated and MMA is like hunting (What you kill you keep). If its a fluke Silva will have the chance to prove it and send Weidman off the list.
    4. GSP does NOT belong on the list. His last performance combined with his career decision should remove him. After his next fight we can then talk about his place on the list
    5.Aldo should be #1…he has demolished EVERY opponent…whereas Jones had a beating by Gus.
    6 Baroa should be ahead of DJ….he has SMASHED all the comp and finished just about everyone in impressive fashion….DJ just has not looked nearly as impressive.
    7. Benson has been in some dog fights and has shown some skill…however, Vitor has finished EVERYONE he has fought for the last 3 years with the exception of two guys in the top 3 P4P. And he ALMOST finished Jones. Franklin, Hendo, Bisping, Lindland and Rockhold….he has beat some name brand dudes in devastating fashion.

    • I agree with it all except Cains competition also is less p4p skilled than other divisions. Also Vitor is on roids so that gives him a cheating edge for p4p talk. I guess if you think the trt is okay you could say it made him a p4p fighter. If Silva didn't clown more then ever maybe he could claim a p4p spot but Anderson has just had the skills to show he's the one. Even if a guy has your number doesn't mean he's better than you just that his style is bad for you. Chris has only beaten guys smaller than him and in an interview he even said himself that he cuts hard to get to 185 because he is not as good with the bigger fighters and he likes having a size advantage.