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Demetrious Johnson Comments on Potential Cody Garbrandt Fight


Dominant UFC flyweight champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson etched his name into the history books this past weekend (April 15, 2017), as he tied Anderson Silva’s record for the most consecutive title defenses by defending his 125-pound strap for the 10th time with a third round submission victory over Wilson Reis.

Johnson has consistently proven that he’s ahead of the pack at 125 pounds and he’s nearly cleaned out the division, which is why some have expressed interest in seeing him face off with bantamweight titleholder Cody Garbrandt. “Mighty Mouse” has said that he welcomes all challenges to his title, but he also confirmed that his next fight will not be against Garbrandt:

“He’s his own person,” Johnson said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “Me and Cody talked off scene, everything’s fine, its just business. … It will not be my next fight. Don’t worry about it.”

As far as who his next opponent could be, Johnson didn’t have a definitive answer, although he did make it clear that he’ll be remaining at flyweight where he’ll look to break Silva’s long held record:

“People say I need to go up and do this, do that,” Johnson said. “Why not be the greatest ever? UFC went out and signed a whole bunch of great new flyweight talent and I would not mind putting my name against their’s and giving them a loss.”

“I’m going to let my body heal, relax, enjoy this history and just take my time,” Johnson said. “I won’t say any guy is on the radar until UFC sends me a contract, and then, that’s how it was for Wilson too. I knew Wilson was fighting, I didn’t know if we was going to win or not, I didn’t care if he was going to win or not, I had my training camp and I was ready to fight on April 15. If the UFC gave me a list of their events for the fall, I will look at it and go ‘hmm, I like this fight, I like the location, I’ll start my training camp 10 weeks out from there, and whoever is my opponent is my opponent.”

Who would you like to see the reigning flyweight king take on next?

  • Juan Diablo

    That’s fine DJ, just don’t run your mouth about not getting any promotion, because no one cares about all the “new flyweight talent” that the UFC just signed.

    • michaelchimique

      real fight fans actually give a shit.

      • FlawlessVictor

        Lol. Yes.

    • JamesC

      Wait…since when did do guys have to go up to get promotion. Connor did not even have to win or defend a title to get promotion. Grant it that Connor is a different animal because he self promotes. But name another UFC star who puts on exciting fights, is a dominant champ, is well spoken, doesnt get in trouble who doesnt get promotion. DJ doesnt have a nation on his back like some guys…but I think he deserves as much promotion as say Urijah Faber, Cody Garbrant.

      There are some guys who no matter what they do or how good they get the UFC wont promote…Aldo, Woodley, DJ….meanwhile…Chris Weidman (who is one of my favorites) has not done anywhere near what those guys do. Doesnt put on the caliber of fights of those guys…but somehow gets waaay more promotion. Hmmmm what is different about Weitman?

      • Juan Diablo

        Being dense like the rest… Weidmann finished Anderson Silva twice. All of the guys you named have other names tied to them forever because of the wars they had with them. All of those guys have put on wars, and DJ is just too good against guys in his weight and it is boring watching him dominate. Stop twisting the narrative and saying that my standpoint is something it is not lol

        • JamesC

          I like Weidman…but to compare DJ accomplishments to Weidman is comical. Also…I am seriously starting to think you just have never watched DJ fight. They are way more exciting. And he has had some competitive fights…Dodson in particular comes to mind.

          btw…your logic is very silly. You are saying beating the GOAT with controversy…is better than being the GOAT. If I am following you the guy who beats DJ will be promoted more than DJ….thats just foolish

  • Murderous1

    For Scarface and Showtime uncle baldy said relinquish your belt to fight another champion superfights just like women’s 145 division champ he said no he only allowed it for Coward McChicken there are many fighters right now that can be a two division champ WWE Clown McChicken was the only one given a chance cause of you WWE McChicken fan girls

    • FlawlessVictor


      • JamesC

        sad but true. Aldo would have done it when Frankie was champ. Anderson could have done it when Chuck, Rampage, or Forrest was Champ. GSP will do it now. DJ might have been able to do it when Barao was Champ. Penn would have made it interesting against Aldo. GSP could have sucked down to 155 and done it. Franklin may have been able to do it against Chuck or Tito.

        It just was not a thing back then because to do so would have been to clog up the limited number of weight classes during that era. Plus doing so is a star killer. Connor is a star. The only thing this did was make Eddie Alvarez NOT a star. If DJ beats Cody…it just make Cody NOT a star.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Dude its the best for both of you

    Stop flucking around

  • JamesC

    The entire thing sends a bad message. DJ is a company guy. Trains his butt off. Puts on great fights and goes for the finish. Takes on all comers. He is very active. And in return he is not promoted, not given the belts he has earned and is not paid big dollars.

    Compare his career to say Chael Sonnen. Chael never won a belt, Chael fights are actually boring to watch with only a few exceptions. Chael lost in clutch situations. Chael is 7-7 in the Octagon. Chael fought up a weight only 2x in the UFC and was beaten easily both times. Most of his UFC wins are by decision. ALL of his losses are by stoppage.

    DJ is 14-1-1 in the UFC. His only loss was to a dominant champ up a weight. He is 2-1 up a weight. Undefeated in his weight class. No drug test failures. Has finished the majority of his title fights. He has never been stopped. However, Chael gets better paydays and waaaaay more promotion. The lesson learned by all fighters…is it is better to be entertaining than good. Better to be entertaining than the best. Guys should not go to practice…they are better off working on material

    This is exhibit B for why the UFC is more sports entertainment. Exhibit A is of course Connor McGregor.