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Davis Looking To Submit Machida At UFC 163


UFC 163 is fast approaching and with it an interesting match-up between 2 big 205 contenders, Phil Davis and Lyoto Machida.

Both are on 2 fight winning streaks and a win would propel either’s career. For Machida, it would most probably assure him the winner of Jones / Gustafsson. For Davis, it would put him in the mix for a title shot and elevate him beyond his current #8 ranking in the UFC light heavyweight division.

“Mr. Wonderful” is respectful of Machida’s style and talent and says of him, that he is “unique…and quite effective of catching people rushing in.”

Davis has a plan though and that’s to stick to his “bread-and-butter” and that if Machida’s “tricks are not working that night, it will be a rough night.”

However, can Davis stop Machida’s tricks?

Of the quality wrestlers he’s faced before, only Jon Jones has been able to stop him. Of his 3 losses in 14 fights, “The Dragon” has only been submitted once and again, that was by Jones.

On the face of it Davis has his work cut out for him, but then again, so does Machida. Mr. Wonderful says that his “plan is to go back to Rio and get another submission win and build (his) legacy that way” and he espouses it with Weidman-esque confidence.To that end, if there’s a wrestler at 205 other than Jones who might be able to submit Machida, then my money would be on Davis.

However and as a word to the wise in Davis’s camp, Lyoto has the best stand-up of any fighter Phil has faced to date and in order to get “The Dragon” down, a fighter must first get to him and that is not an easy task to accomplish; Machida is not Vinny Magalhaes (on the feet).

As a big fan of both fighters, I am looking forward to this match and more so than the top of the card.

  • He will not submit Machida. I am betting Machida is on another level at everything except wrestling.

  • man, im sure looking forward to this fight! Davis has been progressing like crazy.. definitely one of the more flashy wrestlers in ufc.

    • Not sure about progressing like crazy. All we've seen from Davis in the last 2 years is him outbox Vinny Magalhaes which is nothing to write home about and takedown and submit Wagner Prado, which was done to Prado in his next fight by a welterweight before Prado was cut.
      I think Phil could've done those things with his skillset from 2 years ago, so doing it now wasn't super impressive to me.

      I've always thought he didn't ever look much better than he did from a previous fight to the next, unlike wrestlers like Jones and Weidman who were champions in the time of Phil's full career, even though Davis had the higher wrestling pedigree.

      Phil is a very good fighter but if anything, I think his progression has been slow.

  • I've got Machida by UD

  • ehm yea good luck with that……. NOT gonna happen!

    • Experience, do me this favor, should it happen and given Machida was on his back, how do you believe he'd fair?

      I agree on substance that Davis will have a difficult time in trying to get it to the ground, but in a month that saw Weidman catch Silva in a stand-up exchange…what if, what if and could Machida withstand Phil Davis on the ground?

      On the technical curve, Machida has a higher arc. On the learning curve, Davis is growing, where Lyoto provides the same fight, fight after fight. In that sense or comparison, Lyoto is stagnant in his fighting style or flat.

      Boiling it down, both fighters are predictable in their styles and Lyoto has the initial advantage, because the fight starts on its feet. Of the two, it is Davis who is evolving and not Machida. Subsequently, I see this as a fight as being a question of…has Phil grown more than Lyoto has stayed the same and if the answer is yes, is the division beginning to pass Machida by in terms of contender status?

      Further and if defeated and based upon the outcome of Weidman / Silva II, should Machida drop to 185 and ply his skills in that division, given that Silva would either retire or look to move on?

      • I don't think Anderson will retire yet… i dont think he'll fight 10 more times but i think maybe 3-5 fights so Machida wouldn't drop down just yet. Also Machida very much still looks on top of his game. From what i've seen he very much improved in the past few years and i'm sure he's been grappling a lot throughout this camp.

        If Phil gets it to the ground, which I don't think will happen but i won't rule it out either cause Phil is an amazing wrestler, it's gonna be interesting. I don't think he will catch Machida with a sub cause Machida's BJJ is legit. Not saying it "cant" be done but it most likely won't.

        Also, even if Phil can put Machida on his back i don't think he can keep him there. I expect Machida to be back on his feet real quick and if that's the case, Phil is ROYALY f*cked! cause on the feet i don't give him a chance in hell. Phil knows he can't rush into Machida cause he'll most likely end up sleeping but at some point he's gonna have to if he wants to get it to the ground. If will wants to stand a chance, he will have to put his nutsack on the chopping block… take some risks, try to outwork Machida and take a DC.

        Phil has to get Machida tired.. clinch, make Machida carry his weight, try to out-muscle him up against the cage repeatably. Only problem here is, Machida has great cardio and it's gonna be hard to get him off his game like that and not get knocked out in the process.

        • Experience, I'd agree Machida is at the top of his game. I'm not sure where else he could really take his game to improve it. My only regret is, because he is such a counter-striker and looks more to react, his fights, from time to time, can be boring. I thought his bout with Henderson was boring, for example. On the other side, his fight with Bader was great, but Bader played into Machida's game and Hendo did not. It would be great if Lyoto could or was more willing, to "make" the fight happen.

          On that note, maybe he could work on this wrestling.

          In terms of Davis having him on the ground, you are right about Machida and his ability to get back up. He's amazing at it. This will be a big test for Davis and to see if he can be heavy enough on Machida to keep him there.

          I hope you enjoy the fighter, either way.

      • I have no problem with the idea that Phil may get it down to the ground but for what benefit? As soon as he is there he will be with a guy that is better than him there. The only significant chance Phil has is GNP and a risky prospect it is too.

        • I don't know that I'd give Lyoto the benefit of advantage on the ground and particularly if Davis had him on his back. Machida's game plan should be to stick to the standard and KO Davis on the feet, if he can.

          This is going to be a good fight.

      • As long as we are looking at hypothetical options. IF Davis were to win (no chance) he'd have to move up the ranks and fight possibly Glover? Which would be the end of his streak.

        • Yeah, Glover is looking good, but Phil is getting better all the time. He's beast in terms of power, strength, size, wrestling and an ever improving submissions game, but Glover would get the nod in the stand-up; be a good fight.

  • If he does win, I don't see Phil winning by anything but a decision. I see Machida knocking him out or if Phil is too respectful of Machida's stand up and decides to be shy then he will lose a decision.

  • So in other words Davis does not have a plan?

  • Davis by a flying ankle lock….. Hey stranger things has happened… Wiedman TKO Silva..

  • Talking about wrestling Machida had Evans and Henderson on his back… Just reminding..