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Darren Till Trolls Stephen Thompson Amidst Fight Rumors

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Earlier this week, UFC President Dana White ignited the mixed martial arts community when he told Lance Pugmire of the LATimes that he had booked a welterweight bout between former title challenger Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson and rising contender Darren Till for February in Till’s hometown of Liverpool, England.

Unfortunately, Thompson, who recently beat Jorge Masvidal at UFC 217 in New York, and his father, Ray Thompson, who also serves as his coach, recently shut down White’s claims. Till, meanwhile, said that he hadn’t heard anything about the potential fight either:

“I hadn’t heard a thing about it,” Till told MMAFighting.com. “Obviously, Dana said what he said — he’s speaking very highly of me since the Cerrone win — and I guess he was thinking that me and Wonderboy would be a really good fight. He was talking about making that fight in England, and of course, everybody immediately started talking about Liverpool. Nothing has been set in stone, but let’s be honest, the next day the whole Internet was talking about it.”

Coming off of a dominant win over Donald Cerrone, Till is in need of a big fight, and although he didn’t take any disrespect from “Wonderboy’s” comments, he also admitted that he’s ready to silence the doubters:

“At the end of the day, everybody has been doubting me since day one and that will always be the case. I’m always going to have people telling me I’m not worthy,” Till said. “To all those people — I just want to say f**k you, because I don’t care about their opinions. The only peoples’ opinions I care about are the people close to me. I’m ready to take on anyone in that division.I’m ready for Wonderboy. If he doesn’t think I’m ready or he’s scared, UFC can just give me someone else. I respect him and I think he’s one of the most respectful fighters in the game. If he doesn’t want to fight me there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Although he wasn’t disrespected, Till also jumped at the opportunity to troll “Wonderboy” on social media:

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And if the fight does end up being made, Till feels as if he would finish Thompson in violent fashion:

“Wonderboy is obviously the ideal (opponent) because he’s the highest ranked. If you’re going off rankings, he’s the highest. I’ve always said that rankings don’t matter, but I think I can KO Wonderboy,” he said. “They all think he’s the best striker, so let’s put him against me, a guy who knows he’s the best striker. I’m telling you now that I will knock him out. I’m going to put a big nice gash through his head.”

Would you like to see Thompson and Till square off?

  • deepgrim

    That very ambitious of Till, Wonderboy is a very tough match up for him, i think he is underestimating how awkward wonderboys style is to fight against, but i guess a win would be massive for him tho.

    • FeministFriendly

      Till looked good against Cowboy, but also a little stiff/green IMO.
      Sometimes things just look like that, so he might beat Wonderboy with all the articulation and smooth pizazz of a veteran, or he might get exposed for still being a little green like Yair did.

      It seems like a reasonable fight though one way or the other.
      Either its a super breakout performance to the top like Whittaker/Yoel,
      or we’ll get a pretty good idea of just were he ranks.

      • deepgrim

        Both till and wonderboy are unbeaten kickboxers but i think wonderboys record is more impressive.
        Difference is that wonderboy will have fought kickboxers with tills style constantly, where as very few people in the world fight like thompson. Till definitely has a chance but i think tills aggressive style will just help thompsons counter style fighting, his speed is unbelievable.

  • 122farragut

    This would be a good fight wonder boy is the truth now And he represent for the Aquarius it would be a good title Eliminator