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Daniel Cormier Well On His Way Down To 205, But Still Has To Face Nelson’s Beard


UFC heavyweight Daniel Cormier has been in the news a ton lately surrounding his proposed cut down to light heavyweight in order for a chance to face Jon Jones for the 205-pound strap. There’ve been skeptics who doubt Cormier’s ability to make it down to 205 after frying his kidneys as an Olympic wrestler in 2008.

However, Ariel Helwani confirmed on tonight’s edition of “UFC Tonight,” stating that Cormier is already in amazing shape heading into his bout with Roy Nelson at Saturday’s UFC 166 in Houston, and enthusiastic about the cut down to light heavy:

“He is in amazing shape. I saw him today at the open workouts. He looks like a light heavyweight right now. He told me he expects to weight around 225 at Friday’s weigh-ins, and when he used to wrestle at 211 pounds, he said two days before he’d be 225 and he was miserable. He’s in a great mood, and can’t wait for his move down to 205, this is a sign of things to come.”

It sounds like Cormier is taking the weight cut seriously, but we’ll see just how much he’s at when he hits the scales in Houston. While Cormier is cutting pounds with apparent ease, his opponent won’t have to shave any off of his impressive (and sometimes loathed) beard:

“Now the bad news is, Roy Nelson is not gonna have to shave that beard. He did file the complaint, but the Texas commission said they don’t regulate that, and they’re not going to make Roy shave that beard, so the big beard will be in effect on Saturday night.”

Cormier will still have to get past Nelson and his beard at UFC 166 on his quest towards a title shot at 205. If he does, we will see just how ready Cormier is to take on longtime king Jones. Will he get past Nelson with ease? And does he truly pose a threat to ‘Bones?’

  • Filing a complaint about the beard seems silly to me. To counter, maybe Daniel should have grown a beard? IDK

    • I could of understood if it was a complaint for the "Bakery" Nelson is packing that would not allow Cormier to lock hands.. Bwahaha!…

  • I like the fact that he's going down 205, but I like it better if he'd focus more on the fight in front of him rather than focusing on going down at 205 after the fight, Its like he's looking past Roy Nelson, and that's dangerously a stupid thing to do. And what is with his problem with beards, I don't get it.

    • He's not looking past Roy. He just knows he's the superior fighter, so he's confident. There's a difference!

      • I'm sure he's confident, he's the betting favorite, he's the smart choice. Saying he's already down in weight isn't looking passed Roy because he's said win or lose he'd be making the cut down. I do think he's looking passed Roy sometimes with his comments about how he's already looking forward to fighting Jones and such. He's also had just as many if not more interviews with answering questions about Jones than Roy. It was pointed out on another article that with Jones fighting Glover than pretty much guaranteed a rematch with Gus, DC will need another fight at LHW before a crack at Jones, I wish Lyoto was still up at 205 to welcome him.

      • Roy is too wide to look past….chiching!

  • I wish both of them the best of luck 8))

  • Not me!! I want Nelson to knock his azz out, quick violent k.o. @that.