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Daniel Cormier vs. Roy Nelson Planned For UFC 166 In Texas


It looks like the beef between Daniel Cormier and Roy Nelson will finally come to a head at UFC 166. Word is that Dana White is planning to pit the two against eachother at UFC 166, on October 16th in Texas. According to Yahoo Sports, DW is in talks with Big Country to re-sign him with the UFC. Nelson’s contract expired after his UFC 161 loss against Stipe Miocic.

UFC 166 is scheduled to be headlined by the rubber match between Junior Dos Santos and the current 265lb. boss Cain Velasquez. It looks like another blockbuster night of fights for the UFC Heavyweight division, following the success of UFC 161 which was also a big night of big fights.

We’ve spoke about how pointless the Nelson vs. Cormier fight is for the rankings, but with Velasquez as champion, Cormier will not challenge for the belt. The two are training partners and friends, so the only way Cormier will get a title shot is if he drops weight or if JDS beats Velasquez. I don’t know which is the more likely to happen.

Cormier has said in recent times that he has already started the weight cut, and as an undefeated prospect he could probably get an immediate title shot at 205. Which leaves me wondering why he is bothering to fight at HW again. Unless he plans on weighing in just over 206lbs., which is feesable, when he fights Nelson.

The only problem there is that he will be physically drained, and giving up a size advantage to a very good grappler. Indeed a loss against Nelson would probably squash any hopes of a title shot for DC, at least in the short term. It’s a risky fight, against a heavy handed knockout artist who has everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

A fight against Werdum would make a lot more sense right now for Cormier, although he does have the drop on Nelson in pretty much every department. Only time will tell, but with MMA being so unpredictable-It’s a big gamble from Cormier.

  • Without a fight on the horizon he was probably doing a practice cut to see how easy he could make it.

  • sushi and pc gaming planned for myself, as i will sit this one out on the live channel, and report here for results, later rent it from netflix. sorry, not that exciting. sure, something exciting will most likely happen, if roy ko's dan. otherwise, dan hops all around peppering roy with bombs that wont crack his skull and wins via unanimous dec.

  • Boooooo

    • yeah i agree… we did NOT need this sh*t… AT ALL! Roy just got the livin'sh*t beat out of him… i don't get this AT ALL! Joe Silva was probably happy when DC asked for this fight cause he didnt know wtf to do with Roy anymore…

      • Is was expecting and hoping voor Cormier vs Werdum!?

    Hope I dont have to be offshore, that will SWCK!

    • YEEHAWW!

    • Hey now, Texas never gets events…seldom. Im a Texan so "weak" that in your buutt.

  • gm1


    DC will wrestle hime down and beat the crap out of Roy.
    Might even break his hand again.