Daniel Cormier came out looking quite impressive in his last Strikeforce bout ever, albeit against an overmatched opponent in Dion Staring. Most of the focus surrounding Cormier has been centered around just what he will do when he makes his entrance into the UFC. Following his win last night, Cormier wasted no time in addressing that topic. He called out for former scheduled opponent Frank Mir for a bout at UFC on Fox April 20th:

“I signed my UFC contract. April 20 on Fox, Frank Mir, let’s do it. It was supposed to happen, and we were supposed to fight in Oklahoma, so he owes it to me."

Mir is healing up from the knee injury that forced him out of his bout with Cormier. A bout against the former UFC Heavyweight champion may be just what a surging fighter like Cormier needs to test himself in the deep waters of the UFC’s upper echelons. Mir himself is not against the bout, stating the following at Friday’s World MMA Awards, courtesy of MMA.tv:

"I think it's an excellent test for him. I think, you know, always be careful what you wish for. I think that his wrestling will definitely be tested in our fight. My submissions have the ability to definitely change outcomes of fights pretty quickly."

Mir’s submissions may be a danger to Cormier’s unscathed record, but then again, Josh Barnett’s were supposed to be as well. Cormier has also been rumored to be considering a move down to 205 for a meeting with champ Jon Jones, and confirmed this last night:

“I’m going to let Jon defend his belt on April 27. And then I’m going to kick his ass in the fall."

Cormier has his sights set on two high profile UFC fighters, and should get those bouts. Strikeforce announcer Pat Miletich ended Cormier’s bout last night by saying a fight with Mir would be awesome, but Cormier would most likely wreck Mir. What do you think will happen in a new year full of possibilities for Cormier?