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Daniel Cormier looks to fight this summer, doesn’t think any HW can beat Cain


UFC Heavyweight Daniel Cormier’s Octagon debut has came and gone, and while his one-sided decision victory over Frank Mir last month was a bit underwhelming, it opened the door for the former Olympian to face off with some of the heavyweight division’s elite.  Cormier has long been rumored to make the weight cut down to 205 in order to fight Jon Jones for the belt.

However, Cormier’s weight-cutting issues appear to be putting that on hold for the time being, and DC is remaining at HW until further notice, and he’s looking for a fight this summer. Cormier recently met up with Bleacher Report to discuss his plans for the near future:

“When I look at some of these cards you look at the July card, Anderson Silva and (Chris) Weidman, I think they need a co-main event. Then in August that Fox Sports 1 card, that would be pretty cool. Any of the big cards I would love to be a part of.”

Cormier has been rumored to fight Roy Nelson next, but ‘Big Country’ has recently gone on record to state that a fight against DC wouldn’t make sense for him unless it was at light heavyweight. It’s a big cut for both fighters, and not a vey likely scenario. Still, it may have to be the avenue Cormier takes, as he absolutely refuses to fight good friend and training partner Cain Velasquez. Velasquez has his hands on the UFC Heavyweight title, and Cormier doesn’t see him losing it anytime soon:

“They’re not beating Cain.  They’re not good enough. I’m telling you right now I think they’re great, I think Junior dos Santos is great.  I think Junior dos Santos has the best chance of beating Cain, but the rest, they’re not beating him. They’re not good enough.  It’s about as honest as I can be with you—they’re not good enough to beat him.”

Cormier is in an interesting spot right now, as his ultimate goal is to become a UFC champion but  he will not face off with the champion. Maybe he will fight Jon Jones in the future, but for now, he’ll look to fight another top-level UFC heavyweight to keep active and improve his ranking. Who should be his next challenge?

  • I also think Cain is the best HW ever lived.

    • I'm a big Cain fan, but it's a bit soon to say he's the best HW ever don't you think? Hasn't even defended his belt once. If he starts going on a tear like Jones, Silva, and GSP then maybe…

      • Too soon? Well I don't remember better HW when him do you?

  • DC and Dos Santos would be fun to watch, or is it too soon?

    • No man, not really to soon cause Dos Santos and anyone is fun to watch, the guy has hammers for fists

  • I like Cormier but this is a bold and foolish claim. Cain is a phenomenal fighter but he is fighting at HW and he doesn't have the greatest chin. There are a lot of guys who can beat him the same way JDS did. Overeem, Hunt, Big Nog, Fedor (yeah I know), Silva, even Cormier himself all have the ability to beat Cain. I would also say that he has the ability to beat any one of them. These guys are all very close in finishing ability if not actual skill and that is why it is a foolish statement.

    • Cain doesn't have the greatest temple — is what you should be saying. He took some of Dos Santos' best shots in the second fight. His recovery is top notch which was showcased against Cheick Kongo. We can't make any claims, we can only go on passed fights. Cain could win every fight from here on out or he could lose every fight. It's MMA and that's the beauty of it all, you never know. Anyone can have a perfect night,

      • "Chin" is a misnomer regardless of what you mean. Usually a KO has nothing to do with the chin but it is a catch-all word that everyone understands to mean "easily rocked. I agree 100% about his recovery ability. That said, the connective tissues in his scull that are the anatomy most directly involved in a KO, will weaken over time. The more times he gets rocked the worse it will be. He will experience more KOs at some point.

  • I don't get what his problem is. I compete in combat sports. I know weight classes and how hard it is to diet and cut. Daniel should be at 205. I know about the kidneys, but why does he always talk like he needs to cut 30 lbs of water to make weight when he has love handle hanging over the side of his shorts at weight in?!

    I'm normally against big weight cuts. Alves and Dan Hardy who walks around at 200 lbs with abs cutting down to 170 is crazy. But Daniel is shorter then Nate Diaz who fights at 155 and lets be honest. He shouldn't even have to water work. If he passed on the burger and fries and actually kept a clean diet. Lost the love handles, the donut of fat around his belly button that hangs over his shorts and loose the half inch of fat everywhere else. He would make 205 on a empty stomach, forget the water work.

    This is what he does everyday and gets paid to do it. Just put down the deep dish pizza and skip some rope. I don't get what his problem is. He's 5'10" hes basically the same height as Aldo!

    • Spot on man. I've been saying the same thing for a while. The idea that he can't make 205 is just silly.

  • I pretty confident of one thing, Bigfoot won't / can't beat Cain.

    • I agree, I dont think he will. But Im pretty sure fedor and reem would say he has a punchers chance. But I honestly think cain is too quick for Bigfoot.

    • One good punch from the big man will put Cain on queer street. I will have Cain in the picks just like I had Alistair and would have Alistair again in a rematch but Big Foot can beat anyone on his night and if Cain makes one miscalculation he will get put away.

  • a heavyweight already beat cain soooo…. whats dc smoking?