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Daniel Cormier Lobbying Against Roy Nelson’s Beard At UFC 166


When Daniel Cormier and Roy Nelson meet at UFC 166, it’s pretty obvious that fist are going to fly. Both guys like to stand and bang, and are no stranger to knocking people silly. The match up could score DC a shot at Jones/Gustafsson and he should be taking it very seriously.

Which is why I’m slightly confused by what I’m about to tell you: Daniel Cormier is appealing to the Texas State Athletic Commission, demanding that Nelson shave his beard as it provides cushioning against punches.

Now, in the light of recent events, I don’t think that having a beard is going to provide an unfair advantage. When you consider that most Heavyweights can hit with the force of SUV’s, how could a beard save someone from being knocked out?

I’ll be eating my words tomorrow if the headlines read ‘Swamp hick fights off crocodile using only his beard’, and there’s a lollypop for anyone who can find a similar story- but I seriously doubt it.

This could be a ploy by Cormier to get in Nelson’s head, especially seeing as the two have had less than savoury exchanges in the past. Nelson responded to the news on Wednesday’s UFC Tonight by saying:

‘If a beard is an unfair advantage, surely Cormier should have had a beard when he failed in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics’

Oh no he didn’t!?! I think that a lot of people are overlooking how much Nelson has to gain in this fight. People are so busy talking about how Cormier might get a shot at 205, that Nelson is becoming a sleeper in this fight.

If Big Country, with or without facial hair, can overcome DC’s grinding style; he might just be rocketing up to the top 10 after UFC 166. Don’t get me wrong, I think Cormier will dominate Nelson, but there’s always that big right hand.

We know Cormier can take a shot, but we also know that he gasses like a fat kid at an apple-eating contest. If Nelson is able to land that big right, providing he doesn’t gas as well, things could change in an instant.

Maybe DC should consider one of the Teflon beards, because the Cormier that we saw against Mir ate too much punishment, from a predominant grappler, in the stand up exchanges.

  • I dont care for DC but i work with this chick name Tammy who looks exactly like Nelson, & her beard scares me too.

  • D

    I would seriously doubt that facial hair provides any significant "cushioning".

    If anything, it may make it harder to land a KO punch because you can't see exactly where is chin is…but cushioning? Come on man.

    • 9 times out of 10 the chin is directly below the mouth IMO

      • Ivy

        Big Country has 3 chins.

  • gm1

    DC = Crybaby

  • I dont think the beard makes a difference in terms of cushioning given the force HWs hit with but It just came to me that it might prevent the oppenent from spoting the chin (the buttom) making it harder to KO someone…what you think?

  • Just saw mousasi made that comment…beat me to it!

  • What's next.. extra fat and six packs?

  • Ivy

    I think if connects DC is in trouble.

  • Fear the beard! In a battle of the p4p most badass love handles, Roy is hard to beat.

    Props to Rory for the hilarious "Enter the Dragon" photo reference.

  • All BS aside i think the beard should be trimmed for a professional fight. It's nasty and disgusting and it could possibly give an advantage. Sure you know where the chin is but coming in from angles and trying to land flush on the button, your accuracy might be off cause you can not see the target. It pretty much becomes a guessing game and it's essential to hit the right spot, especially with a guy like Nelson with an iron chin.

    • Rollling on the floor with sweaty men is actually more nasty then a beard. imo….Due to the fact your arms lay in groins and guys are known to fart a lot during a fight. *** to the face while squeezing a stomach. A fact the average mma fans and non grapplers would never actually know. But some fighter have funny stories regarding that issue….

  • Samson = Hair
    Nelson =Beard

  • That is the dumbest suggestion that a beard provides protection. Biting hard down on a mouthpiece is about as good as it gets in this sport.

  • Roy should put it into a braid. lol

    I'm all for big country now. Nothing wrong with DC. He just annoys me with all his senseless complaining. Guys the same height as GSP and goes to weight in with fat hanging over his shorts. But then complains his kidneys can't handle the weight cut to 205.

    Now this? His beard is an unfair advantage? whatever.

  • Suddenly, I dislike DC. What a 'tard. Can Big Country KHTFO??

  • ‘Swamp hick fights off crocodile using only his beard’…hilarious.

  • Beginning to question DC up there, It's like a child trying to explain where babies come from, are you serious?? cushioning??

  • Zip

    Guys have been growing beards against hard hitters since the beginning. Useful or not, why do we act as if it's some new concept. They're all simply looking for an edge.

  • Come on DC, just get a UFC win and quit all this crap. Well after this, I cant say I'll be upset seeing DC face down.