With an undefeated record of 7 – 0 and holding the current Legacy FC Bantamweight title, Holly Holm is a fighter that the UFC has been pursuing for a number of months.

This evening (July 10, 2014), fans are learning that “The Preacher’s Daughter” has been signed to the senior circuit.

With no details released, UFC President Dana White made the news official via his Twitter account, by posting a picture of himself, smiling, and holding up the fighter’s new contract:

White later followed up on ESPN:

"I'm excited. I like the fact we keep bringing in more talent.

With women or men, I never know what to think until I see them fight in the UFC. It's such a different dynamic fighting here. There's no doubt she's talented and she has a lot of followers. People are excited to see her."

The addition of Holm to the UFC’s bantamweight division strengthens an already solid weight class and places within the fold a fighter of true caliber.

Holm has an 86% finishing rate and has taken all of her MMA wins, but one, by way of T/KO. She will be an immediate threat upon her entrance to the division and is certainly a fighter that stands a chance of giving undefeated Champion Ronda Rousey a run for her money.

The big question that everyone will be wondering, is will she get an immediate title shot? The answer to that question is probably yes.

Rousey is just off of a 16 second trashing of Alexis Davis at UFC 175 (July 5, 2014) and although she sustained a broken thumb in the fight, and is also in need of a scope on her knee – scheduled for this coming Tuesday – Rousey is not expected to be sidelined for long.

As such, and given that “Rowdy” has no clear cut contender ahead of her, it would seem reasonable that the promotion would look to put her in the ring with Rousey, in an undefeated champion vs undefeated champion, match.

In terms of the match date, fans can probably expect to see Rousey vs. Holm in either late November or early December. Regarding it, Holm would be wise to spend the interceding time working on her takedown defense and keeping Rousey at range. To do anything less is likely to invite disaster and her first loss.

Photo courtesy of Holly Holm