After last night’s title fight for the ages between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 265, talk immediately began to swirl about an inevitable rematch between the two badly damaged competitors. While initial rumors began to center around the February Super Bowl Weekend card, Dana White appeared in a FOX Sports interview to voice his support for the rematch:

“It’s one of those things where you don’t lose anything. There’s a real good possibility we do this again. We give Glover (Teixeira) another fight. I like the idea. I think this is one of those fights that people will wanna see again. I said ‘Kid, you lose nothing in this fight.’”

The main event from the Air Canada Centre last night left the MMA world abuzz from both Jones’ and Gustafsson’s ability to absorb punishment and keep fighting. It was one of the most amazing slugfests we’ve ever witnessed in the Octagon, and White spoke up about the surprise he felt when Gustafsson matched Jones’ wrestling step for step:

“Not only did I not expect it to go five rounds, I never thought that Gustafsson would be able to stop Jon Jones’ takedown. I thought that was gonna be is weakness in this thing. I thought he would probably outstrike Jones, then Jones would take him down and try to ground and pound him. It was actually the actual opposite, Gustafsson took him down.”

It sounds like Teixeira’s title shot may take a back seat to a blossoming rivalry that could become one of the best MMA has seen. Speculation and hype may begin to rival UFC 168’s year-ending rematch between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva.

However, it’s a different kind of rivalry altogether, as Jones vs. Gustafsson went down to the wire in one of the most exciting fights ever. Weidman vs. Silva was well, just kind of….strange. Where do you rank last night’s battle among your favorite all-time bouts?