As we all know, a re-match between middleweight Champion Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva has already been set. However, there’s at least one guy in the division who’s unhappy about it and that guy is Vitor Belfort.

“The Phenom”, post Silva’s loss, sent Dana White 172 texts asking for a title shot. The UFC President has obviously shot that idea down and in favor of giving Anderson Silva another kick-at-the Weidman can.

Although White appreciates fighters being vocal and asking for fights, when queried on the subject of Belfort by Karyn Bryant and where he stands in the title mix, Dana bluntly stated:  

“Anderson Silva has gone un-defeated since 2006 and has beat everybody and held the title, he deserves the rematch…Vitor is just going to have to wait. He’s not getting the rematch (fight). He can text, he can tweet, he can write ****ing letters, he can call his congressman, he can do whatever he wants to do, he’s going to have to wait. Anderson Silva is getting the re-match.”

As this is the case and Weidman / Silva II has been booked, what should Vitor do in the meantime?

He’s on a roll and from what we can see, he’s apt to be sitting on the shelf until well into 2014 and that’s not even taking into consideration the ugly possibility that should Silva beat Weidman, that there might well be a 3rd fight scheduled between the two; Weidman / Silva III. If that were the case, Vitor might not see the inside of the Octagon again until the end of 2014.

So, when White says that Vitor has to wait what does that really mean?

Is Vitor being told that he will get the winner of Weidman / Silva?

As a big fan of the Phenom, I’d like some clarity on the issue. I’d like White to declare what his intentions are for Vitor and whether or not his fans are going to be told to sit around and wait for a year and on a “promised” title shot or will VB be given a bout in the interim?

I certainly understand the re-match and Belfort not being given a title shot now, but the manner in which White seems to cast off Belfort’s legitimate claim(s) and the victories that have gotten him there and notwithstanding the favor that Vitor did the UFC when he stepped up and took the Jones fight, is to me, a little callous and more than a little flippant.

At the end of the day, if Vitor can’t get the title shot that he’s owed then perhaps the UFC president could show Belfort the respect that he’s earned and let the Phenom and his fans know what the promotion’s plans are, regarding the fighter and to not be so dismissive of him.