Dana White UFN Maia vs. Shields Vlog: UFC 164

Dana White UFN Maia vs. Shields Vlog: UFC 164


The Baldfather Dana White returns with his highly entertaining Vlog, this time we take a look behind the scenes at UFC 164. The Milwaukee event saw Anthony Pettis demolish Benson Henderson in their much anticipated rematch.

Pettis snatched the 155lb. title from Bendo and made a statement to the entire division in the process. This episode of Dana’s blog includes some pretty awesome footage of Harley Davidson bikes, Matt Serra dropping multiple F-bombs, an emotional Ryan Couture and a jubilant Anthony Pettis.

Frank Mir and Clay Guida are present following their T/KO losses and the new Champ Pettis appears to have aggravated an old injury. Check out the video courtesy of UFC’s youtube channel and stay tuned to Lowkick!

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    There certainly was a lack of "happy bouncy Guida"