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Dana White UFC on FOX 5 Video Blog (Episode 1)


UFC President Dana White starts the countdown for UFC on FOX 5 with the first episode of his world-famous video blog. White gets some fighter predictions, and takes us behind the scenes of UFC 154 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Stay tuned to LowKick.com for more news and Ben Henderson vs. Nate Diaz coverage. Also, don’t forget to submit your picks, and check out our ongoing meme competition!

  • It's funn with some fights you just KNOW who they're going to predict to win, nothing wrong with it but so obvious Jones as going to pick the 3 young athletic guys

  • For free…it really is a hell of a card. As much as I'm looking forward to the main event, the two fights I'm looking forward to the most are MacDonald / Penn and Swick / Brown. My guess is one or both of those fights will be either fight of the knight or KO of the knight. I think Penn wants to truly beat on Rory (for some reason). Rory wants to stomp on Penn. Matt Brown is as tough as nails. And Mick Swick has never looked better. He's really bounced back well from his illness. He's in great shape. I am really looking forward to these bouts. All @ $0.

    Thank you, Dana.

  • Crazy to me how pretty much everyone GSP beats seem completely content about losing, do they all go in there thinking they will probably lose?