Dana White Thinks Thiago Silva’s Pre-Fight Diet For UFN 29 Was Ben...

Dana White Thinks Thiago Silva’s Pre-Fight Diet For UFN 29 Was Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream


UFC President Dana White has tweeted a picture of and remark regarding, what he believes to have been Thiago Silva’s pre-fight diet for Ultimate Fight Night 29 in Brazil, this past Wednesday.

Pictured, is a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, as well as a large milkshake with an island of whipped cream, atop of it. The accompanying caption reads “Thiago Silva is on the Dana White diet and workout plan.”

As funny as it might be, it’s actually rather sad.

Thiago Silva is a very talented fighter, but his own worst enemy both in and out of the Octagon.

Yes, he took home the win over Matt Hamill, but it was a lousy fight and one that Silva should have easily won. Hamill looked out of shape, had little in the way of offense or gas tank and should have been easily dispatched, had Silva been in shape. However, he wasn’t.

At the weigh-ins, Silva looked fat and bloated and as if he hadn’t trained at all. To the point, he missed weight; weighing in at 208 for a light-heavyweight bout.

Subsequent to his appearance and performance, White has felt obliged to chide Silva for the shape that he was in and rightly so. In a promotion that’s looking to cut fighters such as Yushin Okami and Jon Fitch for failing to be exciting, it’s hard to see how the “Pillsbury Doughboy” version of Thiago Silva can be acceptable.

Of course, the more troubling aspect of Silva’s lack of preparedness for UFN 29 is that he knew / knows that he’s already on thin ice with the UFC. With two of his last four wins being overturned as a result of issues with post-fight medical samples, one would have thought that Silva would have done all that he could / can to re-brand himself as a reliable fighter. Showing up at weight and in shape, is one of the most fundamental things that a fighter can do to demonstrate reliability; that and passing the drug tests.

Silva’s failure to do that is simply more evidence that he just doesn’t get it. For all the talent that he has he just doesn’t seem to have the mental commitment to be the fighter that he could be. As such and at age 30, if he didn’t get the commitment message prior to UFN 29 and particularly given his recent history of failing post-fight drug tests, he may never get it.

Further and perhaps, Silva’s performance on Wednesday night is just more proof that something is wrong at the “Blackzilians” training center. For all the talent that is at that gym and with few exceptions, they’re beginning to look good for setting a new record for underperforming. The club should (collectively) hang its head low for the shape that they allowed Silva to show up in.

For his part, Silva acknowledges that the fight was bad and that he’d “make up for it”, but we’ve heard this sort of thing from Thiago in the past. If Silva really felt that way and rather than blaming a difficult weight cut, he would have adjusted his diet and his training, and shown up in shape; no difficult weight cut to be had. However, he didn’t.

As we all know, sometimes talent and skill are not enough, and that perhaps heart and will are more important. On the latter two points Silva seems to be lacking. Should he show up and hand in another “winning” performance, as he did Wednesday, we shouldn’t be shocked if the UFC decides to cut him. If so, they’d be right in doing it.


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  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/enjoylife321 enjoylife321

    Missing weight is a slap in the face to your opponent who put in the hard yards.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Kevin Kevin

    When Thiago Silva entered the Octagon against Machida, I said to my buddies, these guys are the next 205 champs.

    If Thiago could get his poop in a group, he could be one of the top 3 guys. Obviously his wrestling in comparison to Jones is awful, but going into the Machida fight, I thought he was the most entertaining 205er.

    Some guys lose that drive, and as fans we never get to see them at their full potential. Imagine how lethal Thiago could be with GSP's work ethic. Shame

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/TheWhat The What

    The Blackzilians are bust city.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/IGMBurninPiff IGMBurninPiff

      I think because of how big of names most of them have it's hard for them to really take advice. Probably a clash of them all thinking they're the best with the most to offer. Hopefully Tyrone Spong takes his talents to AKA or some other wrestling based team with great coaching and selflessness. (It's funny calling American KICKBOXING academy a wrestling based team)