Dana White Talks Women’s Bantamweights and Cutting Jake Shields & Melvin Guillard

Dana White Talks Women’s Bantamweights and Cutting Jake Shields & Melvin Guillard


This week has been a busy one for the UFC’s president. With three cards stretched out over ten days between Quebec City, Orlando and Baltimore, Dana White has been on the run in North America.

However, the promotion’s president gave MMAFighting.com a few moments of his time today and in the interview, White covered a good number of subjects.

The most interesting news emanating from the stand-up all had to do with women’s MMA.

Regarding this weekend’s UFC on FOX 11 card and its co-main event between Miesha Tate and Liz Carmouche, White stated that both fighters have their “backs against the wall” with losses, and subsequent to that, he left the door open to the loser being cut.  

In terms of Gina Carano, White stated that the fighter is “serious” about coming back, but that no deal has been signed. As to Carano fighting for the bantamweight title immediately upon her return, the promotion’s head said “we’ll see what happens.”

As to Cristiane Justino, and whether or not her recent loss to stand-up star Jorina Baars had hurt Justino’s “star power,” White said “no.” He commented that the Brazilian fighter had lost in a kickboxing match and not an MMA fight, and that “Cyborg” has to take those fights to make money. However in terms of her marketability and whether or not it had been hurt by the loss, White didn’t think it had. By White’s account, any damage that Justino has done to her career she’s done in the last two years.  

As a final note and regarding the cutting of Jake Shields and Melvin Guillard, White stated that there was “no message” being sent by the promotion to the rest of their fighters. Simply put, White stated that the brand has a great number of athletes signed to their rosters and that sometimes “you have to make tough decisions that aren’t fun.” However, White also commented that with a few wins “who know, (they) could be right back in.”

Only time will tell on all of it, but it’s certainly interesting for fans to know that Tate and Carmouche could well be fighting for their jobs on Saturday night. And unlike the male fighters, once cut there’s considerably fewer options for the ladies as to where they might land, and what they might be offered.


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