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Dana White talks at New Media Expo (Full Video)


UFC President Dana White appeared at New Media Expo (NMX), discussing a wide array of topics in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, from Jon Jones’ decision not to fight Chael Sonnen at UFC 151 to UFC’s acquisition of LA Boxing.

Ultimate Fighting Championship will celebrate its first event of 2013 with a blockbuster Middleweight clash between Vitor Belfort and Michael “The Count” Bisping at UFC on FX. The event will take place on January 19, 2013 at Ibirapuera Arena in São Paulo, Brazil. UFC’s busy January schedule will continue with UFC on FOX 6 card (January 26), headlined by the Flyweight title encounter between Demetrious Johnson and John Dodson.

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  • That intro was just epic…

    • Poor Dan Hardy always in the lowlight reals and that made it look like he tapped to GSP.

  • Johnson vs Dodson. Everyone do not blink!

  • Dana said in the interview that the UFC has created over 30 multimillionaires since it came into business. If the UFC currently has over 450 fighters signed under contract that is not such a large number of multimillionaires created. Statisically thats a very low percentage of fighters that will ever become multimillionaires from this sport.

    • Great point, but I wonder how many hundred thousandaires they have created. Furthermore I'm glad that it's a small percentage, I assume those 30 multimillionaires consist of the Tito's and Chucks of this world. I know mma fans love this idea of seeing mma fighter's making more money but too many of the major sports make average athlete's extremely wealthy imo we see it all the time in the UK with soccer. The success of mma as a whole is down to the UFC brand, if not for the brand of the UFC the mid level fighters would be making way less if mma had the same model as boxing, but at the same time GSP and Silva would be probably be making more money if mma had the same model a boxing.

      • @mmauk…Any guys out there that are professional fighters and are good enough to make it to the UFC deserve a minimum of $50,000 a fight. The UFC are more than capable of delivering that to the fighters but they are cheap. The PPV, TV network deal, merchandise, Gates is enormous. If you have a guy that goes to college for four years they will probably earn between 60- $120,000 a year on average and live a comfortable life. These same guys earning 60-120,000 year are buying PPV and wondering how is it possible that a guy who has trained years and years in the gym with previous fight experience gets offered $10k to show and $10K to win. It doesn't make sense. Most guys can only take a couple of fights per year maximum, some get in three, but usually its two fights. And how do you reach the top if you can't focus on your training 100% because you are getting so little pay.
        If the ufc can pay one star 3-4 million a fight after PPV percentages they can do alot better with the guys who help build their cards.

        • Like I said I understand the mentality of a fan like yourself and your point of view so I gave a sharp. However unless I'm mistaken just like in the UK people in the USA with good qualifications are working in bars and stacking shelves in supermarket for obvious reasons. Also the info put out after fights about pay are pointless to certain degree, there are payments made to fighters that are not made public, along with sponsorship etc etc. One last thing the UFC use a company for the PPV facility and the last time I heard some journalist's talk about it they estimated the UFC received 40-50% of what they actually charge for the event.

  • "Lots of people are full of s… and try to be politically correct" ….but Dana is soooo cool…..hm….ok…sick of this story again and again aaand again. And that thing "It's in ours DNA to love fighting" not watch when somebody fighting but LOVE…cmon, like he said my grandparents also love to see a fight on the TV or on the street 🙂

  • Great content. Thanks Anton.