Dana White still has Chuck’s gloves from the Ortiz fight in a...

Dana White still has Chuck’s gloves from the Ortiz fight in a sealed case at home


In a semi-recent interview that kind of flew under the radar of most MMA news sites, Dana white stopped by at the most LA hip-hop radio station Power 106 to promote the womens UFC 157 event.

Dana was asked some pretty interesting questions that you don’t typically hear asked of him. Mostly because the media and fans are too busy asking about the present and immediate future to ask him someting about his past.

But it turns out the hate for Tito Ortiz went a little further than most realize. All that and more in the video below.

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      With all due respect, I don't think you should bring your very personal sexual beliefs on this website dedicated to MMA.

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        Ha! Ha!

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      If you're cool with declaring it, then we should be cool with knowing it.

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      Didn't think this is the appropriate place to come out the closet but at least you finally did it!

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        @ Keith

        Face-plant on that one, for APA.

        Always think, before you hit send. :-)