This past week, UFC lightweight Nate Diaz called out surging welterweight Matt Brown.

By way of remark, “ND-2” stated that if Brown wanted to fight a Diaz brother – Brown had made comment that he was interested in a match with Nate’s older brother Nick – he’d have to settle for him (Nate) as opposed to Nick, because “ND-1” was retired.

Tonight, the shot-caller in the discussion, UFC President Dan White, spoke up regarding Nate Diaz’s callout of Brown, and for the younger Diaz brother, White’s words were not positive.

During an interview on UFC Tonight, White stated that that a match between the lightweight Diaz and the welterweight Brown “doesn’t make any sense,” and there’s “no way in the world” it’s going to happen.

White closed out his comments by stating that if Nick Diaz were to “come out” of retirement and take the fight with the “Immortal,” that he (White) would be more than willing to “do that fight.”

White in comment:

"No, no way in the world. That fight has not been talked about, it’s not even close, (and) we’ve never even considered that fight. Nate Diaz did say that he was interested in that fight, but that fight doesn’t make sense. He fights at 155 (lightweight), has lost two of his last three fights and Brown’s on this unbelievable roll. Brown is a welterweight and has been fighting there a long time. He deserves a top contender. Listen, if Nick Diaz wants to come out and fight Brown, I’ll do that fight."

In terms of revelation, none of this is a shock. It would be hard to see how the UFC would ever assign Nate Diaz a fight with Matt Brown. Simply put, Brown is too hot and Diaz not all. Yes, he’s a marquee name, and yes, he’s coming off of a decisive win against Grey Maynard at last November’s The Ultimate Fighter 18 Finale. However, as White noted, he’s only 1 – 2 in his last three fights in the class. Beyond that, Diaz’s last two outings at welterweight didn’t go well, as he suffered unanimous decision losses to Rory MacDonald and Dong Hyun Kim. In a nutshell, Nate Diaz is not up to Matt Brown’s welterweight snuff.

As to Nick Diaz, yes, Brown vs. Diaz would be a great fight. “ND-1” is an incredible fighter and one that always brings it, and never backs down. However, Diaz appears to have lost his interest in the sport and has stated that he’s only willing to come back if the money is right, and the money Diaz is looking for is a sum that the UFC isn’t likely to pay. Where White might be more than happy to offer Diaz the fight at his current (contracted) rate, it’s doubtful that he’s willing to open up the promotion’s wallet and pay Diaz what he’ll want for taking a fight with the “Immortal.”