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Dana White shoots down JDS vs Hunt, but now fight may be back on *UPDATED*


In the wake of recent news that Alistair Overeem has pulled out of his UFC 160 bout with Junior dos Santos many of us have been hoping that Pride FC and K-1 legend Mark Hunt may be called upon as a replacement. The ‘Super Samoan’ is coming off a jaw breaking KO victory over Stefan Struve at UFC on Fuel:Silva vs Stann.

Well it seems that Dana White may have just shot down our hopes of any possible JDS vs Hunt fight. The UFC president had this to say on his twitter account:

As a die hard Pride FC fan my personal opinion is that Mark Hunt should be given the chance to prove he is one of the best on the planet, and JDS is surely the man to test himself against.

Although Dana may not see it the same way it seems that ‘The Reem’ will get another shot at injecting himself into the UFC‘s heavyweight elite with a match against the brazilian striker being possibly rescheduled for the summer.

So if that is the case where does this leave fan favorite Hunt? Which potential match-up has Dana White got left to offer ‘The Super Samoan’ if Overeem does in fact get a shot at redemption? Whatever the case I believe Mark Hunt could shock the world with his heavy hands when given the chance. 


The word is on twitter that Hunt turned down the fight with ‘Cigano’ according to Dana White:


Dana White has just tweeted that he and Mark Hunt have had a GREAT phone conversation, so the JDS fight may be back on:

  • JDS vs Hunt would be such a striking war.

    • That fight would be INSANE. I'm waaaaayyy more interested in seeing Hunt vs JDS than Overeem.

      Both are great strikers with serious power. That could very well be one of the greatest fights ever.

      And the crazy part is… I would choose Hunt to win based on the fact that the guy just CANNOT be knocked out. I'm convinced that the guys bones are thicker than the normal man.

      He's got some sort of crazy thick, primitive Samoan, cave man skull. Too bad it's not happening.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-D9V72Dm1mw real fight in the street and they are heavy weights too. They should be in the ufc.

  • "Injecting himself" hahaha. I see wat you did there and i love it!!!

  • we need Mark Hunt vs Roy Nelson!!! ASAP!

  • if somebody has got to milk all that steroid abuse by alistair, its the ufc..mark hunt vs reem will be lost opportunity

  • Ah, too bad. At least we still get JDS-Reem.

    I say Hunt vs. the winner of Nelson-Kong next. Which would probably be Roy, and Roy vs Hunt would be great. WOuld have to make Nelson a big favorite though.

  • So losing to Bigfoot is worth more than beating Struve? How does that work?

  • More to the story apparently.

    White just tweeted somebody that Hunt turned down the fight last night.

  • Hunt vs Overreem

  • 4 fight win streak? why on earth would he not get to face a top 5 guy??? what else does this guy have to prove at the age of 38 and countless wars? if ever, NOW is his time. give him jds or big foot (screw overeem or big country burger king) and a title shot if he wins.

    • 4 fight win streak which is very impressive but out of them only 1 was against a guy who was arguably a top 10 and usually to get a shot at top 5 you need to beat a real solid top 5-12. Not saying Struve isn't good but he played right in to Hunt's hands, put the win on his platter.

      If Hunt could beat someone like Mir, Nog, nelson or maybe even just another good guy around Struve's level would do it.
      Hunt is awesome, no doubt, but just because he is a legend should he get an easier road to the top 5 tan everyone else?

      Look what Cain, JDS, Mir, Cormier, Werdum, and Bigfoot have done to be fighting at the to of the pile.