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Dana White’s Media Scrum: Belfort did not fail FX 7 drug test, Couture is far from being “Captain America”


UFC President Dana White shared his thoughts about the most trending topics in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, and what’s next for the winners and losers of last night’s UFC 156 fight card. White also gave more in-depth information on the rift with Randy Couture, claiming that the only time “The Natural” acts as a real man is when he steps inside the Octagon. Check out the video below.

  • I see no video below… is it browser specific?

  • Shame on you Dana, talking shit about a legend like Randy, what a duchebag.

    • To be fair he says he's a legend in the way we acknowledge him as a legend, all he says is outside of the cage he is a dirtbag and honestly how do we know? None of us really know him personally so he could be

      • Wasn't the UFC who promoted Randy as almost a superhero? So now that he does not work for the UFC we should think the opposite about him just because Dana says? Dana is known for bashing fighters who does not comply with him, Randy is a legend, he will always be, I had the chance to.talk to him and he seemed as genuine as he was inside the cage, Dana is a two face moron who does not hesitate on bashing someone that disagrees with him, the only way he knows how to argue is by been loud and since the UFC is almost a monopoly now nobody speaks out.

    • LMAO, I said the other day Dana was going off because he was on steroids, then in video he says he irritable because of the ear medicine which is part steroids haha

    • Didn't Dana say in his previous interview with Ariel helwani that he would never discuss Randy Couture again. Then in the postfight scrum he was back at it..

  • "we're gonna stick it…" Does Ronda know this?

    • Of course how do you think she's a main event! 8))

  • Next, Randy is mysteriously removed from the UFC Hall of Fame, ha ha. OMG. It's time for the UFC to get a REAL public relations mouthpiece- seriously! I suppose Lord Acton was correct: "Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely." It's true- just look at Palpatine- he never gave his emergency powers back to the Senate. And we all know how that turned out, LOL! Welcome to the DARK SIDE! ha ha ha

  • Hendricks vs Saffedeine,Maia vs Douchescheck,Bigfoot vs Struve,make it happen Dana!

    • I'm hearing BF V Struve a lot. To me that match up makes zero sense. When you look at the caliber of fighter that BF has beaten vs the guys Struve has beaten I think that it just makes way more sense to put BF up against either the champ or someone like Werdum for the #1 contender slot. Struve needs to beat Hunt before he is in line to get in line and I don't think he is assured of a victory against the Samoan.

  • So the blackzillians moto of be super cocky might need to be changed…

  • Did not see the vid yet, but assume Dana ( haha, girls name ) the douche is making shit talk about Randy, because he signed the Bellator reality show contract. Dana is so see through, does he even realize he acts like a little baby some times ?

    • Dana said inside the Octagon Randys a man , but the second he puts his big toe outside the octagone, he's less than a man. Perhaps Randy should walk up to Dana outside the Octagon and put him on his back and break his face and shut that offensive mouth once and for all. Dana needs to learn when to shut the hell up. He's indirectly attacking Bellator through Randy and trying to hurt their show. I have a strong feeling Bjorn is going to sue the shit out of Dana very soon if he keeps this up.

  • How come we can't see the video???????

    • Maybe Browser? I can see it and did.

  • It's business, Dana, it's not personal.

    I wish this guy would stop acting like a spoiled high school girl sometimes. I've never been a fan of Randy Couture or his fighting style, but I didn't think it was appropriate for Dana to bash him like that in front of a ton of mics.

    As the UFC president, this guy should learn to keep some things behind closed doors where they belong. That said, I thought the captain America line was brilliant.

    • One multi million dollar law suit should do the trick. I can see Dana now telling the judge and everyone how full of shit they are.

      • Actually, the one piece of evidence Dana has to back up his claims (not saying their true are not) is how defamation was part of their case against Couture in the past, and the lawsuit ended favorably for Zuffa.

        Yeah, Dana's a bigmouth and complains when things don't go his way. But I'm not going to claim to know anything about Randy Couture in real life.

        • @ Spy

          Or at least…know anything about him (Randy) in terms of doing business with him. Business, is a lot like sex, you don't know what someone is like until you actually engage them in it.

          In Dana's defense I would cite his comments about Randy not coming to them and telling The UFC about his deal and asking…do you want to match it, better it…what?

          Business is business and Dana is a business man. His answer to that question, answered some questions in my head about why The UFC is allowing a guy like Couture to go to Bellator / SPIKE, which is, he didn't know and didn't have an opportunity to match or better, which I believe he would have. It would have been the smart business move.

          For whatever reason, based on what we (the fans) know from these remarks, Randy had made up his mind to jump ship. Fair enough, he's entitled. However, I can one, see why Dana would be upset about the way it was handled by Couture and two, why DW would never want to have anything to do with, again. Fair enough, to / for Dana.

          Personally, I take him @ face-value for his reasoning, but then again, I'm also the guy that thinks Lance Armstrong got / was F##KED over. So, what do I know?

  • Dang,sorry about my previous comment,you didn't have to weak me like that !

    • That was kind weird huh Papi….on a side note, I didnt weak you 8))

  • My entire life I've been told that there's no such thing as a stupid question.


    Is Dana White the bald guy answering all the questions? 🙂