Just as soon as Chael Sonnen got done calling Jon Jones and Anderson Silva cowards for not stepping up to fight one another, the longtime Brazilian middleweight champion apparently contacted Dana White to ask for a bout other than Chris Weidman. He just wouldn’t say who the request was actually against.

"Anderson called and wants a fight. (Silva has) got to get past his first fight, and then I'll work on that one. Anderson is the key to the whole puzzle. If Weidman beats Anderson, it blows the whole superfight concept."

Indeed, getting past Chris Weidman will be no easy task, as the undefeated wrestler is widely considered the strongest 185’er outside of Silva. What White did confirm, however, was that the fight was either against Jones or GSP.

Couple that with the fact that GSP has expressed only a small interest in facing the larger Silva, and it would seem that Jones would be the logical choice for a superfight. Earlier this week Jones was quoted as saying that the fight against ‘The Spider’ was inevitable and would happen soon.

But now Jones is dealing with the after effects of a grisly broken toe suffered in his one-sided TKO over Sonnen. He is suspended indefinitely and Silva still has over two months until he faces Weidman. It would appear that a Silva/Jones superfight is now closer to reality than ever before, but there are still some obvious and huge roadblocks. In a perfect world, MMA fans would be treated to a Silva vs. Jones main event for the UFC’s traditional year-ending card.