Dana White Media Scrum: Politicians Are Liars, UFC To Ireland Next Year

Dana White Media Scrum: Politicians Are Liars, UFC To Ireland Next Year


Well, after a rough ride in getting UFC Fight Night 26 up and running, Dana White was relaxed and in good spirits at the post press conference, media scrum.

In a business that’s supposed to be about fighting and fighters, it was amazing how much of the conversation was dominated by the political fights the UFC has had to endure, in trying to make the card happen in Boston.

When asked how he felt about the UFC’s political foes and their recent efforts to derail the card in “Beantown”, White remarked:

“It’s not that it’s frustrating, I’m just more pissed off, but that’s what they’re trying to do. Like I said man, these guys are like gnats …they’re a nuisance.

From White’s perspective and on the subject of politicians, he feels that those who work against the better interests of the city in terms of bringing in jobs and revenue are “disgusting”.

In terms of the vote to prohibit young adults (18 & under) from attending UFC shows, that doesn’t happen until Wednesday and if it does the people Dana feels that the people of Boston should go “crazy” and of the politicians that are attempting to do it, White stated:

“These kids have parents, who are you to try and parent other people’s kids? That’s not what you were elected to do. You weren’t elected to become children’s parents, you self-righteous clown. Are you out of your mind?”

Councilman Murphy, the local official in question, is a typical politician and a typical liar, according to White and “he’s a bad guy.”

In terms of what it’s all about, the UFC President said, “It would be one thing if it was about the sport, though…we’re not talking about the sport, it’s about the union.”

Regarding going back to Boston, White said “we’ll see how this vote goes on Wednesday.”

In answering a question about settling with the unions and just paying them, White said he’d be more aggressive with the unions. As he put it:

 “What I think Frank & Lorenzo should do is get more aggressive. I would. Can you imagine if I ran Stations Casinos, what would be going on right now? If I had that money and that whatever, those guys would wish that they never, ever, f***ing picked up the phone and tried to called me.”

White also made note of the fact that the groups which caused the UFC so much grief in Boston, are not protesting Viacom and over their hiring of Rampage Jackson and it was Jackson, who was primarily the issue at the commission hearings. As such White sees these groups as nothing but pawns of the unions, stating:

“They don’t give a **** about what Rampage said, what he did or any of this other stuff or the Chael Sonnen stuff. That’s what I’m saying; these are all just pawns to attack the UFC, because if they were really upset about the Rampage thing, they’d be chasing them instead of us.

On the subject of counter-programming Bellator’s November 2nd PPV, White said “no” and that he really doesn’t worry about Bellator. To the point, Dana stated:

“I’m sure you guys saw when they did their press conference; all they talked about was me. What are they going to talk about, that fight? Well, you guys have lost your last 10 fights, uh … how do you think this fight is going to go? Well, I can tell you this: One of us is going to win. Somebody’s ‘O’ has got to go.”

Basically White is not worried about Bellator and said of it, that his video blog gets more views than their TV show.

On the offer to Nick Diaz to fight Lyoto Machida, White said “we’re still waiting to hear back from him.”

On Machida moving to 185, White said that Machida is talking about it and not for (just) one fight.

White also let it be known that UFC will be in Ireland in 2014 and the promotion now has the right TV deal to start building the sport in the UK & Ireland.

There will be a Super Bowl weekend card, which would most likely be a PPV in New Jersey.

For the rest of the interview, hit play.

Video courtesy of MMA H.E.A.T.

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  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/PukeVomit PukeVomit

    dana's media scrums are always interesting. when dana not have his little hitler-moments, i really like to hear him talk about all that stuff.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/dropkickmurphy dropkickmurphy

    Why did the government go after Bill Gates and Microsoft? It wasn't because of Monoplies and fair trading..if that was the case, they would go after Locheed Martin and Haliburtin for every deal they ever made.
    They go after people for lack of political contributions. If the Country withdrew the rights of politicians to accept private campaign contributions alot of problems would clear up over night as soon as big corporations are not involved.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Entity Entity

    Uhhh one question here, what's a scrum?

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Entity Entity

      HA! nobody knows!

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/DavidSaucier David Saucier

    Our Country is so fucked up I am ashamed. the left/liberals/progressive think and 14 steps below the moron leve.

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Entity Entity

      Leftist extreme liberals are mentally diseased anti-Americans focued on self destruction and misery for others in their failed attempt at self importance and failed Ideals.Very closely related to Nazi fascism.

      • http://lowkickmma.com/author/BrianCox Brian Cox

        Entity, I swear I read Republicans, when you wrote Liberals.

        In my best "Stewie" voice, "are you trying to tell me that the Left / Right paradigm is real? Surely you argument is as weak as a "wWheat-thin" . You make me want to scream, mommy…mommy…mommy into the belly of whatever near-by Masonic lodge or Bohemian Grove going gathering I could find.

        As to closely related schools of fascism, don't forget (cough, cough) that Adam Smith decreed that democracies based on free-markets, should give cash, tax-breaks, land, labor regulation and whatever sundry economic devices, tools and aids, as delivered by whatever, 2 party, as reported upon by (its own) corporate owned and controlled media / entirely falsified and corrupted process, is what "passes" for an independent and free-market, democratic society, based on the agreed upon values of a Republic; which is what America is.

        …closely related has nothing to do with it, IMO. It's nothing more than, thinly disguised Fascism.

        For those that doubt, Google any image of the House of Representatives and behold what hangs either side of "The Speaker's Chair".

        To save you the time, you will find that 2 "Fasces" …flank…both the left and the right side of "The People's Chair".

        These are the very symbols of Fascism being thrown in the face of The People and The Sheep are to dumbed down to know or appreciate it.

        Happy 50th JFK murdered by a "magic bullet" theory, year.

        Question: Magic isn't real is it?

        • http://lowkickmma.com/author/Entity Entity

          No their not too different, but with the Liberals at the forefront of it all, it's easy to inadvertently favor one over the other. Basically two sides of the same dirty coin. There are a few guys who arent so bad, like Ted Cruz from Texas.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/dropkickmurphy dropkickmurphy

    If you had Billions of dollars to spend to lobby for your human rights, they would be protected.
    The bottom line is Corporations do have billions of dollars, and your rights are not profitable to them.