Nick Diaz continued his repeated denying of media obligations by no-showing today’s UFC 158 open workouts. While this comes as absolutely no surprise, it still is cause to make Dana White seriously angry at the situation.

The saga of Diaz goes on and on, and White appeared on the The Jim Rome Show to address Diaz’s latest no show:

"If he does not show up tomorrow for the press conference, it's not going to be good."

"I don't know what to say, or what's going to happen, but let me tell you what, it will not be good."

White continued on with Rome to state that he was not worried about Diaz being out of the cage out for 405 days, noting that he always stays in shape. He also emphasized the amount of motivation that Georges St-Pierre has in beating Diaz, stating:

“He (Diaz) was chasing Georges around the hotel. He thought he was going to try to fight him at the hotel.”

“I don’t think that would ever happen. But Georges just has this crazy thing about bullies, and he thinks that Nick Diaz is a bully.”

The incident, reportedly following St-Pierre’s win over Jake Shields at UFC 137, sheds light on the normally calm St-Pierre’s motivation to put a beating on the bad boy Diaz.

Still, when Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting caught up with GSP earlier today, he remained focused on only what he could control:

"It doesn't change nothing in my life. I don't worry about him.

I only worry about myself. I don't care."

When asked if he thinks Diaz will show up to the press conference tomorrow, he simply replied:

“He will show up. He's going to show up, for sure."

You can bet the last thing that Dana White wants is for Nick Diaz to pull his no-show again and make this fight a no-go, as this is obviously a huge bout and card for the UFC. Will Diaz again cause this blockbuster event to go by the wayside?