The controversial result at UFC 167’s main event has been debated to an unbelievable extent, and with good reason; it was an extremely shocking result for most fans, especially UFC Prez Dana White. ‘The Baldfather’ blasted the NSAC judges for what he called ‘appalling’ officiating.

It seems as though Uncle Dana may have changed his tune, that is according to GSP’s mentor Kristof Midoux. Amidst all the speculation of St-Pierre’s future as Champion and the questionable result, the Welterweight kingpin’s coach spoke with Journal de Quebec:

"Few people know it, but the next morning he (White) called George and told him" I'm sorry, I watched the fight again and you have indeed won. I spoke under the influence of emotion. George told him he did not worry, he understood. He owes nothing to anyone, he fought all his life. "

Wow, I did not see that one coming. White is often outspoken on a wide range of subjects, and his stance on these matters has been known to waiver; but I didn’t expect him to change his mind in this case.

White was so irate in the aftermath of 167, along with the entire MMA media that felt Hendricks had won, so what changed? Well, obviously White had rewatched the fight and made another assessment of GSP’s performance.

Hendricks certainly landed the greater volume of strikes, but stats don’t always tell the whole story. Could it be that St-Pierre did do just enough to actually beat JH, and this whole matter has not been such a controversy after all? Probably not, but I haven’t rewatched the fight yet.

Another matter that comes to mind: this fight was eerily reminiscent of Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson, a fight that White was happy to let go without a rematch as Jones will face Teixeira next; yet he is determined to get St-Pierre vs. Hendricks II booked. Why is that?

Surely in two title fights where the champ has been a dominant force, and the challenger could have won (arguably) a rematch is fair in both cases. White agrees that Jones and GSP did win their title fights, but is far less interested in seeing Jones fight Gus again, could this be a marketing ploy intended to keep Jones rosy and end GSP’s reign?