Dana White just recently tweeted a picture of Alexander Gustafsson that he claims was taken as recently as earlier this morning:

It is definitely interesting to see that there is no visible cut of any kind in the picture, which begs the question, is the SMMAF being too cautious or did they simply make their decision too early?

With photo evidence being released earlier in the week, there's no doubt that the cut is real and was originally visible, but given that the cut was attended to, stitched up and already in the healing process since it took place, there's no doubt that the fight could have taken place with little risk.

Would't you think that a cut which was deemed serious enough to prevent a fighter from fighting would be a little more visible?

As fight fans I can confidently say that we've all seen fighters with more serious and visible injuries than a cut that reportedly needed only 3 stitches. With this picture showing relatively nothing it's truly disaapointing to prevent such a lucrative and interesting matchup from taking place.

What do you think lowkickers?