Daniel Cormier took his last bout and win at heavyweight last night, when he defeated Roy Nelson via a three round unanimous decision victory, at UFC 166 in Houston.

Cormier looked to be in great shape and easily defeated Nelson, using a combination of wrestling and kickboxing.

Now that his victory is in the books and his move down to the light-heavyweight division has finally arrived, what will be next for the 13 & 0 fighter?

In terms of his performance and how he will do in the 205 pound division, UFC President Dana White remarked that he thought Cormier looked good, but was unsure as to how he will fare in the lighter class.

As White put it at the post-fight press conference:

"I thought Cormier looked a million percent better than in the fight he had against Frank Mir. He wrestled. He beat him standing up. He was kicking more than Roy; who just standing there getting lit up.

"At 205, I don't know. I don't how he's going to fit into 205. The 205-pound division has been one of the, if not the, nastiest division in the UFC, forever. Guys are faster. A lot of guys are taller in that division. It's just not an easy division to cut down to."

The promotion’s president was then asked whether or not Cormier’s next fight and first bout at 205 might come in the way of a match with Alexander Gustafsson, to wit he simply nodded his head and said, “Yeah.”

For some the fight might make a lot of sense.

As Jones is busy with an as of yet to be scheduled bout with Glover Teixeira, a fight between Gustafsson and Cormier would not only keep both fighters busy and provide an entertaining bout for the fans, but it would also certify a number one contender to face the winner of Jones / Teixeira.

However, the down side of a Gustafsson / Cormier match is that it would potentially take a Jones / Gustafsson re-match off the table and that’s something a lot of fans would rather not see happen. Cormier is a heck of a fighter and if he could beat the 6’5” Swede, which is possible, it would rob fans of one of the most talked about and desired sequel bouts in UFC history.

Beyond that, Jones / Gustafsson are a fight that will make money; a lot of it. As such, it seems a little foolish to jeopardize that payday on a contender’s bout between Gustafsson & Cormier. It’s a great match to be sure, but Jones / Gustafsson is the fight that fans want to see.

In an effort to preserve that bout, UFC matchmaker Joe Silva, should look to pair Cormier with Phil Davis. That too would be a great fight and a good test for both fighters. It would also leave Gustafsson free to wait on the outcome of Jones / Teixeira. Should Jones win the bout, then fans could have their rematch. Should Teixeira win, he could then get the winner of Cormier / Davis and another opponent could be sought for Gustafsson; perhaps the winner of the Rashad Evans / Chael Sonnen bout, with the winner of that fight getting the next title shot.

Either way they're all great fights, but truly, it will be a shame if the Jones / Gustafsson re-match fails to materialize, because Daniel Cormier ruined the party.