Dan Henderson Talks TRT Replacement Products & Daniel Cormier

Dan Henderson Talks TRT Replacement Products & Daniel Cormier


This coming Saturday night (May 24) the senior circuit will once again head to Las Vegas, Nevada, and this time they’ll be showcasing their UFC 173: Barao vs. Dillashaw card.

Sitting in the evening’s co-main event slot is an important light-heavyweight title challengers’ match between Daniel Cormier and Dan Henderson. Ranked at numbers four and six in the weight class respectively, the winner of the match is likely to be second in line to Alexander Gustafsson and his shot at Jon Jones’s championship title.

Of the two, Henderson is the older fighter and the one with the more storied, and acclaimed record. At age 43, “Hendo” has been in the sport for an astonishing 17 years, held belts in both Pride and Strikeforce, and challenged for two UFC titles; middle and light-heavyweight. With a professional record of 30 – 11, Henderson has fought pretty much the ‘who’s who’ of MMA over his run in the sport and has easily established himself as one of its great legends.

Going into this weekend’s match with Cormier, “Hendo” appears to be relaxed and unconcerned with his opponent’s reputation for dynamic wrestling, and KO power.

In an interview with ShootMedia, Henderson stated that he believes that he will have a “little bit of the advantage” in the clinch, and that as long as he doesn’t get taken down or out-punched – which Henderson sees as the key to victory for Cormier  – that he can carry the day.

In terms of him taking the fight minus his testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) Henderson stated the he “wasn’t taking that much” to begin with, and that he’s fought without it before, so it’s not that big a deal to him. However, Henderson did make note of pointing out a new product that he was looking forward to “taking” – “RevTest” – and in hope that the supplement will act as a suitable (sanctioned) replacement for his TR therapy. Regarding it, “Hendo” stated that he’s just waiting for the athletic commissions to approve the compound before he starts to use it. As Henderson said, “that’s what counts.”

As to his match with Cormier, Henderson has a big job in front of him on Saturday night. Cormier fears no man in the ring, and at 14 – 0 professionally, and with wins over large heavyweights like Frank Mir, Roy Nelson, Josh Barnett and Antonio Silva, Cormier has more than proven himself as a fighter to be feared. And to Cormier, that’s probably what counts.  

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