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Dan Henderson’s Coach Weighs In On The TRT Argument


The upcoming rematch between MMA legends Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson has a lot of fans talking. Not only about the opportunity to see two of the biggest names go to war, but because of the murky TRT story surrounding the fight.

It was recently revealed that Dan Henderson would have to apply through a set of exams to fight against Belfort, using TRT. Hendo has been on the TRT for years now, as has Belfort who can’t compete in Nevada, and the reason Hendo is having to apply? The fight is on Brazilian soil. As if that wasn’t shady enough, the only anti-doping lab in Brazil has been suspended.

Hendo’s coach, Ricardo Feliciano, spoke with Tatame.com to give his take on the TRT situation at hand:

“If Dan [Henderson] can’t use [TRT], so won’t Vitor! Vitor has already been caught in a doping exam and Dan hasn’t! Dan has been using it for a long time and I think he won’t have problems. I am sure Vitor won’t come to [Las] Vegas because here he won’t be permitted to use TRT as he has been using in fights in Brazil. That’s why he only fights there.”

Straight to the point, and a pretty fair statement really. This situation is pretty back to front.

“I want Chael Sonnen to come and help us, I even spoke with him. I like him and admire his qualities. I recommended Sonnen to Henderson and he liked the idea, but Sonnen just fought and we will give him some time. We like wrestling very much and I believe this is what makes the difference regarding the cardio.”

Hendo going back to his wrestling roots, a style he may do well to utilize against Belfort. Although Hendo is a vicious power puncher, he has become slightly one dimensional as of late. Not only that, Belfort is a lot faster than Dan at this point of their illustrious careers.

My only hope is that this fight isn’t shrouded by controversy for long, in a sport where honor is a founding principal; this certainly doesn’t look the part.

  • Tough fight for both guys. Two of my favourites, I'm gonna go with Vitor, though. He's looked great as of late, whereas Dan is getting on.

  • I just thought of a remedy to this scenario…Both guys could stop using and we would be fair again.YAY!

  • I dont know if Hendo wants anything to do with Vitor's groundgame though…. unless he manages to land heavy GNP quick.. i'd advise him to get up and throw leather. Taking Vitor down and forcing him to work his way back up is gonna drain him though.. once he's tired Hendo can land some H-bombs and finish the job. when it comes to striking.. Hendo wants to be in Vitor's face, close the distance cause if he leaves an opening for The Phenom it'll be a long night…

    • Yeah, I agree. I think Vitor is a little too quick for Dan and just about as powerful and likely would be better on the ground too.

  • WAR PRIDE!!!!!!!!

    That is all. Stop talking about TRT. This is a fantastic match. Like I said, its a drag race where both cars got Noz in it. So it's balanced.

    The focus should be back on two of the longest running active legends going face to face in one of the most epic showdowns. It's balanced, fair and it WILL be a great fight.

    • There's no Z in Nitrous Oxide….just saying man.

      • I'm old. 🙁

        That was my generations slang…

        thanks… now I need to take a long walk and reflect where all my years went.

    • I agree with this fight and I have few problems with it as like you said it's nos vs nos. But if the commissions are going to play games with favourites etc then they should both just drop the stuff even for this fight where they are both planning on using.