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Dan Henderson Looking To Return, Blames Bad Luck For Recent Snide


After the legendary Dan Henderson was knocked out by a surging Vitor Belfort in the main event of last night’s UFC Fight Night 32 in Goiania, Brazil, he was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons.

But that didn’t stop the usually iron-chinned ”Hendo” from asking UFC president Dana White for a new contract. White responded by telling Henderson that they would talk in two weeks, but things are looking too fantastic for the former Pride multi-class champion.

The quick loss put him on the dread three-fight losing streak, and even though he’s lost to top-level competition in every fight, it may be time for “Hendo” to hang ‘em up. He insists that he’s simply been the victim of “bad luck” as of late:

“I got caught with a nice little uppercut. I felt like I was still aware of what was going on. I knew he threw he a headkick, and you know, I was definitely dazed for sure, but I would have liked to maybe fight out of it a little bit. I’m definitely not done. I got caught tonight. I was ready to go for this fight. You know, that happens. I’m just gonna continue to get back in there and win fights. You know, just had some unfortunate luck the last three fights. Honestly, I haven’t felt this good in awhile.” – via Fox Sports 1

Some of his recent run may be attributed to bad luck, some of it may due to his advancing age, and some may be chalked up to his insistence of relying on his powerful right hand. It doesn’t really matter what all of the details are, just that Henderson can’t seem to find a win for the life of him this year.

He’s moving farther and farther away from relevancy with each loss, so maybe retirement is the best option for Henderson. He definitely has nothing left to prove. The next contract he is offered by the UFC surely won’t be up to the standards of a former champion like him, so we’ll what and see what transpires on that front.

“Hendo” has had an amazing career. He ran into a buzz saw last night in Belfort, a man who makes a strong case for having the most momentum in all of MMA.

And just who is left for “Hendo” to fight should he return like he wants to do? The only potentially desirable bout left for him might be a rematch of his 2011 all-out war with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

What are your thoughts on where “Hendo” should go next?


  • Hendo, you should send a thank you card to the ref for saving your life last night.

    • It was a good stoppage, but had the ref let it go on….. I'd bet money Hendo would have got back in that fight. Oh well. Hope Belfort gets his title shot. He definitely deserves it.

      • I wouldn't bet money, but I can definitely see what you were saying. It was like Hendo's stoppage of fedor.

  • It wasn't bad luck, it was a beautiful uppercut from a monster to a guy who wasn't protecting his chin.

  • I don't think this fight shows anything about Hendo's ability to still fight. He got caught so early there was no way to tell if Hendo's whole game is off. I called he'd finally get TKO'd or K.O'd it happens to everyone eventually and I don't believe Belfort's TRT is properly monitored. Not a huge fan of Hendo, but I don't think he's done. Again if everyone retired just because they didn't have the clear capabilities to win a belt then better than 3/4's of the UFC roster would retire. I think Hendo still has something left to compete, earn a living, and entertain in the process while helping out the pretenders AKA He's the newest certified gate keeper

  • What was he thinking throwing 2 over right hand in the st place, Vitor was sharp reacting to every movement Hendo made. Both are a favorites of mine, would have loved to see Vitor/Hendo against Rampage before they all retire though.

  • That is not bad luck. Hendo came in wide open and Belfort capitalized on his mistake.