Cyborg Santos Fires Back At Dana White’s Big Head Insult: ‘Test Me’

Cyborg Santos Fires Back At Dana White’s Big Head Insult: ‘Test Me’


This past week, at a UFC Fight Night 36 pre-fight press conference, UFC President Dana White made some rather callous remarks regarding Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Justino Santos, her physical appearance and whether or not the fighter and current “Invicta” featherweight champion, and former “Strikeforce” 145 pound champion, is using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs).

As White remarked to the attending reporters:

“She’s done so many drugs her head is this big; does anyone really think she fights clean?”

In way of record, it should be noted that Cyborg failed a post-fight drug test (stanozolol) in December of 2011. Santos was subsequently stripped of her Strikeforce belt and sustained a one year suspension from the sport. As such, White might have grounds for musing as to the fighter’s use of PEDs.

That said, and in Cyborg’s defense, she has admitted the mistake, paid for it and having fought three times since her suspension (2 MMA / 1 Kickboxing), she’s passed the drug tests given to her. More to the point, Santos’s management came out last week and stated unequivocally, that the UFC could test Cyborg at any time and in any manner that they wished (blood, urine, hair), and that Santos would pass the test with flying colors. In short, Cyborg’s management has stipulated that their fighter is clean.  

On the heels of that, Cyborg herself has chosen to speak up.

In an interview with Combate Santos commented as follows:

“Nobody has the right to accuse you without evidence. I have explained many times that the doping episode was an error during the weight loss for that fight, and it is our mistake and we evolved. Just because we are not perfect, we have no right to judge anyone.

Two years have passed since then, I have served my suspension, I resumed my career, I returned with the help of champion Tito Ortiz and George Prajin, who extended their hand when everyone else turned away from me.

And, finally, fought three times since, and was tested in two of the last three fights. Can test me today, tomorrow or whenever they want. I’m with a clear conscience. I cannot be judged for the rest of my life for a mistake I made two years ago. I do not want to remember my whole career by the only mistake I made.”

On her first point Santos is correct. White shouldn’t be accusing her of being on PEDs without having any evidence. More to the point, it’s hard to see how White could possibly have any evidence of her use, as he’s not her doctor, coach or even a close personal friend of the fighter. All White is doing (here), which is what he does on a good number of subjects, is simply speculating, and without any or all of the facts at hand, or known to him.   

White might have his suspicions pertaining to Cyborg, but they are only that, suspicions, and nothing more. Of course, the irony of White’s musings would be that many MMA fans have their own suspicions regarding a number of fighters signed to the UFC’s rosters. Indeed and to the point, even former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre has raised the issue of a PED problem in the senior circuit.

Beyond that, it’s hypocritical of White to negatively comment on Cyborg and regardless of the reason, and for the simple fact that he tried to sign her last year. To most fans, that’s apt not to make much sense. On the one hand he wants to sign her, but on the other he wants to wax about how she’s not a clean fighter. For many, that’s just Alice in Wonderland logic.

Further, Cyborg has paid her penalty and like a number of other fighters who have tested positive for PEDs in the past and are now fighting in the UFC, she deserves the right to put it behind her and move on. Fair is fair. If a male fighter can test positive for PEDs, be suspended and come back to the fold, then why not Cyborg? Again, fair is fair.

As to Santos’s the size of Cyborg’s head, that’s a subject that White should probably stay away from. First, he has no place in criticizing a fighter’s physical appearance; male or female. It’s simply tacky, classless and unprofessional. On this subject, White should stick to the age old adage of ‘if you don’t have anything good to say about someone, then don’t say anything at all.’

However and maybe more to the point, in drawing attention to the size of Cyborg’s head, White leaves himself open to rebuttal jokes regarding his own (shaven one).  

In reflecting upon White’s Cyborg comments and taking into consideration some of the things that he’s said about fighters over the years, ones such as GSP, Rory MacDonald, Jon Jones, Ben Askren, and Jon Fitch, just to name a few, one really has to wonder whether or not White actually likes MMA fighters or just the revenue MMA generates.

One thing is most certainly true, the UFC’s president could well benefit from a course in public relations and a serious upgrade in his people skills.  


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  • enjoylife321

    white knows exactly who is using and cycling on and off the gear…furthermore, we saw Thiago Silva fighting in the UFc after a drug test….Anyone think Brock never used steroids?
    The list goes on and on….as long as fighters test clean after the fight, white doesn't care how much roids they take in the off season otherwise he would have random testing year round….There was a good article by Kevin Iole who pointed out that White has his head in the sands at the suggestion the government is testing fighters…. This is part of the reason GSP is ticked off…

    • Angeles0

      Honestly think dana will do anything he can to keep this fight from happening, even ronda's number 1 fan dana white knows cyborg will destroy her.

    • abominaes-nightmare

      I actually don't believe Lesnar took steroids. He doesn't have any of the symptoms and if he DID take steroids, I doubt his voice would be that high.

  • Brasil

    Most ferocious female fighter on the face of the planet and a beautiful woman in my opinion……would love to take her on a proper date and treat her like the lady she is.

    • Brian Cox

      Great comment Brasil.

    • enjoylife321

      cyborg has always come across as a nice person in interviews….Dana White is a piss of shit for bullying a female athlete…..

  • Just Scrapping

    Incorrect. She just used Overated's horse meat diet.

  • Entity

    I'd bet anyone here 500 dollars that Cyborg could beat the living siht out of the bald promoter with a huge ego.

    • Brian Cox

      Stewie, I can't believe you passed up the opportunity to say, 'Taste Me.'

      It was there for you all day long, big guy; right in your wheelhouse.

    • enjoylife321

      I'll pay $500 to watch that !

  • Cookie77

    This is the way Dana attract fighters to sign with the UFC. Insult them till they sign with the company.. LOL

  • akieyugames

    Let's face it, everyone can criticize Dana, everyone can tell him that he should be professional, that he should do this and that because it's ethical, but he doesn't care, the guy is fucking rich, you can take him out of the MMA world today and he just wouldn't care. He'll be layin' on a beach in sweet Hawaii spending on whatever he wants. He just can do anything he please, and whatever he does isn't wrong.

  • hatch1921

    Sorry… but that is just life. You can do 100 great things in your job… mess up once… and that is what people remember. She will always be known for getting busted. The same goes with any other fighter who has been caught in the past IMO.

  • falcon4917

    She's a caught cheater. Vitors a caught cheater. Dana hates Cyborg and won't let her touch his cash cow. Dana loves Vitor and will let him fight anyone because Vitor is a cash cow. See a pattern? Cyborg not marketable due to her looks in comparison to current champ and the fact she has cheated. Vitor highly marketable because although caught cheating is a long time vet in the sport and has huge fan base.

  • Brasil

    One could even argue that Dana loves cheaters…look how well Chael does in the UFC despite being a mediocre fighter.

  • Hurricane2k

    Dana wil never sign her maybe just maybe when Ronda leaves then he wil let her join , Still you dont want a person like her to be your champ , she looks like a fucking man period if you just look at her face you can see the years she has bin using , She is not marketable like Ronda thats just a fact and thats the reason Dana wont sign her , If she has the looks Ronda has then the stanozolol shit would not be a problem and she would already fight in the UFC , Ronda is like one of the biggest stars in the UFC today she is getting everything she wants movies , tv time , Sponsorships you name it and this girl has it she has it all , And thats not only cuz she can fight looks do meen something if you want to build a star even in fighting what is kinda insane yet still it happens , Cyborg should give up on her UFC dream cuz it wont happen anything soon !

    • Brian Cox

      Hurricane, Cyborg's looks really have nothing to do with her fighting skills and more particularly what she looks like.

      As a fight fan, if the best is the least attractive, then I'm fine with it.

      To be honest, if women's looks matter in MMA, then perhaps we'd all be better served by the 'ring girls' doing battle.

      As to her UFC dream, I hope she doesn't give up on it and to the point, I hope it comes true.

      As to Rhonda's success, I'm sure some of it has to do with her looks, but none of it would have to do with anything, if she wasn't the true beast that she is as a fighter. She's an amazing athlete, fighter and competitor and at the end of the day, that's what got her all the stuff you mentioned.

      If it was just down to looks, then we could find a million girls prettier, but none with her talent and determination. Rousey could be the biggest mutt on the planet and I'd still respect her and want to watch her fights. Conversely, and if she were to lose her looks, how sad if she were to lose her marketability.

  • Hurricane2k

    Just look at her .. she looks like a fucking tranny !
    Thats just what you get after years and years of stanozolol !