The women of MMA have their own superfight to put together. The current and reigning queen of women's MMA, Ronda Rousey, and ex-Strikeforce women's featherweight champion Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos is the one showdown that has all fight fans drooling.

Rumor began to spread that a Rousey vs. Cyborg fight had been set for UFC 157 and it all started on the UFC's Portuguese-language website. But the former champ swiftly shot down the rumors when she spoke with MMA Junkie and credited it to "wrong information." However, she did admit that conversations have began for her to face Rousey at the 135 lbs limit. While she suggested that facing Rousey at UFC 157 on February 23 wouldn't give her enough time to shed the weight, she stated that if given more time, she could get down low enough to battle the UFC's first women's champion.

This is interesting considering that Santos once had said that her doctor wouldn't allow her to cut weight from 145 to 135 without it affecting her health. Perhaps some proper negotiating and a little money thrown at the situation has changed a few things. Or maybe she's that incensed to silence her rival after the two have gone back and forth in interviews exchanging barbs. And now that Santos' suspension for a failed drug test is set to end on December 17, it appears that the former champ wants to prove who the real queen of women's MMA really is.

With it looking more and more like a Santos-Rousey fight is coming to fruition, the only thing left to figure out is when it will go down.