“Cyborg” Could Have Been Making 135 Pounds For Years According To Mike...

“Cyborg” Could Have Been Making 135 Pounds For Years According To Mike Dolce


When Cristiane Justino announced she would be dropping down to the bantamweight division last month one big question was raised: why didn’t the drop come any sooner?

“Cyborg” and her former manager Tito Ortiz had previously said that the Brazilian could “die” if she dropped down to the 135 pound weight class. Justino then decided to sign with Invicta FC to be released from her Zuffa contract. As it turns out that wasn’t a smart move at all.

If the 28-year old had made this decision last year she would most likely be in the UFC right now and quite possibly be the world champion. But her, or maybe her former managers, refusal to attempt making the weight put a stop to that.

Well according to weight cutting guru Mike Dolce, Justino could have made bantamweight years ago and even turned down the services of the expert dietitian:

“‘Cyborg’ could have been making 135 for years,” Dolce told FOXsports. “It was just a choice for them not to. Unfortunately, it hurt the sport of women’s mixed martial arts and it hurt Cris Cyborg’s career.”

Justino said she plans on having her first fight at bantamweight in Invicta for the 135 pound title, after that she wants Ronda Rousey for the UFC belt. But whether that happens or not we are yet to find out.

One other fighter who Dolce spoke briefly about was former Strikeforce featherweight champion Gina Carano. The 31-year old Carano has been rumoured for a upcoming fight with Rousey after UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan, said there would be a “huge announcement” regarding “Rowdy’s” next opponent in upcoming weeks.

However, with Carano having already struggled making 140 pounds it seems unlikely she could make 135, but that’s not how Dolce sees it. The former UFC competitor thinks he could easily get the former champion down to the bantamweight division:

I believe so,” Dolce said. “Just based on my resume and past experience, I think that would be pretty easy.”

Dana White has previously said the promotion has no plans to sign Carano, but you can’t always take the UFC’s presidents word and with Dolce saying he can easily get her down to 135 White may have a change of heart.

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  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/watermelonfresh watermelon fresh

    Cyborg is not very very smart. She let ortiz manage her!!! Also saying the weigh cut could be fatal was ignorant and accomplished nothing except provide a reason for an athletic commission a reason to not grant a license

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/jdnextchamp jdnextchamp

      I must disagree, it was not ignorant what Tito said, just exagerated. The weight cut (to 135) for Cyborg would be really bad for her health, and he said that in order to protect her which shows he has some respect for his athlete.

      • http://lowkickmma.com/author/movescamp movescamp

        That's ridiculous. A weight cut wouldn't be bad for cyborg that's complete speculative nonsense. We are talking about getting her walking around weight to 145. She can easily remake her body in 8 months to lower her natural weight by leaning out her muscle through diet and exercise change. She wants to fight rousey but only if she has an advantage? It's ok for rousey to what? Add water weight for a one off fight. The whole things a joke. Maybe she can't cut 25lbs but nobody is asking her to. She is just unwilling to change her body to be a 135 lb fighter. It's easy change your walking around weight by 10 lbs.

        She isn't as good as people think anyway. She is a one trick pony. Muay Thai brawling isn't going to beat rousey. Her only chance is a one shot knock out on rousey. Otherwise she is inferior everywhere else.